Day 56, Oversleeping or Insomnia in Pregnancy

Every Pregnant mums experience is different. It cannot be measured in one scale. However there are certain signs and symptoms that maybe common to many moms.

Some Moms will sleep more than normal during pregnancy. This is also accompanied by the feeling of tiredness in this phase, after all your body is going through the mammoth task of nurturing and growing a baby inside of you. It’s ok to rest and feel tired during this phase. Try avoid doing things that make your tired. Listen to your body. If you feel like resting then take some time off and rest.

Many new mothers may encounter insomnia in the first few weeks of pregnancy and this is probably due to the excitement and nervousness of finding out and the realisation that soon life is going to change..

A couple may have undergone some pre conception counselling sesions and these can help take care of these concerns.

There are a few things that you can do to help make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable which will in turn help you establish a good sleeping pattern as well.

1) Use a Body pillow-A good multipurpose body pillow is your best friend in this phase. Inability to sleep in a comfortable position can add to you already existing anxiety levels. Use a multipurpose body pillow that will help keep you comfortable and provide support to your back and tummy throughout the night. Contact Awww to get one today

2) Cut off on caffeine- Cut off on any caffeine intake that may also cause you to be alert and up at night

3) Listen to calming music- Listen to some peaceful calm tunes that will help you rest and put you in a good mood

4) Meditation and deep breathing- Meditation and deep breathing can also help you relax and make you comfortable

5) Pregnancy class- Additionally it is also a good idea to register for an early pregnancy class to get all your doubts and queries answered.

Exercise routine- It might be advisable to also join a preantal exercise class. Exercise always helps relax the mind and body and will help you establish a nice routine while you go about your day.

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