Day 37, Food Cravings

Food cravings in pregnancy are quite normal.  A midnight snack or a mid day craving is something your body calls out for and it’s nothing to be worried about. Some Moms crave for something sweet, while others crave for something tangy in nature. There have been cases of mums cravings for junk food, cold desserts, yogurts so on and so forth.

Here is the logic to why this can happen

All this generally happens when there is a deficiency in the mom’s nutrient levels. For eg: Some moms crave tangy food and these are foods which are high in vitamin C. Iron levels drop during pregnancy and vitamin C helps the body to absorb more iron and hence naturally asks for the mother to eat more of vitamin C foods.

Following a Balance diet

If a mom follows a balanced diet and eats at regular intervals she may be able to curb cravings.

Pregnant Moms need to eat every 2-3 hours which means six meals. Three would be main meals and three are considered as snacks. It is important to know the basic concept of making a food plate. These would be your main meals. Each of your main meals must contain all the five food groups – Carbohydrates, Vegetables/Fruits, Protein, Milk Protein and Fats. All of these nutrients work in tandem with each other and hence there is maximum nutrient absorption which can thus cause lesser cravings in Pregnant moms

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