Day 36, Week 6

Your Pregnancy Journey

You may physically experience some additional changes. At this stage your vagina appears slightly blue instead of the usual pink. Also a urine test or home pregnancy test at this point of time would be able to confirm the pregnancy. This is the time when most women start facing morning sickness and nausea symptoms. Your may become sensitive to different type of aromas around and you may feel like throwing up at certain smells. We really don’t know why this is called Morning Sickness, mainly because for a pregnant mom, waves of nausea and feeling uneasy can hit at any time of the day. Another thing, we don’t understand is why use the term Sickness because it really is a hormonal change which happens due to Pregnancy. But since it makes you uncomfortable lets use the phrase ‘Anytime Sickness’

Your Baby’s growth

The baby’s circulation system now kicks in, at this stage. Can you imagine how awesome that is? There is blood circulating to different body parts in your baby’s body. The baby’s dental buds start to develop and there’s a thin layer of skin forming. The baby’s head has also now formed. Your baby now has a head and a trunk.

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