Day 30, Weight Gain


Pregnancy is a time of growth. As the baby grows, your body changes and you gain weight. The amount you can expect to gain depends on your weight before pregnancy.

Each time you visit the doctor you’ll be weighed.

You may wonder why you need to gain so much weight. The baby will not weigh 14 kilos. Here is where the weight will be distributed.



(These are average figures.)

While it is important to gain enough weight, you will want to avoid gaining too much. Gaining too much weight may make delivery harder. It may also make it harder to get back to the weight you were before you became pregnant.

Also try to avoid losing weight during your pregnancy. IF you have a lot of nausea or vomiting, work hard to keep down as much fluid and food as you can. Talk to your doctor. They will suggest ways to get the food you need to prevent weight loss. You can also consult a prenatal specialist who will help you plan a diet based on the foods you are able to hold. Your doctor may recommend medications and these are considered safe for the developing fetus.

Contact Awww and let us help you devise a good nutrition and diet plan to help ease discomforts during this phase.

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