Day 278, Development of your little one

Development of your little one

As parents the well being and overall growth and development of our child is the most important factor in our lives. We discuss what’s right and wrong in the experiences they face with their the doctors, surf the internet for guidance on various topics, refer books,  and discuss various child related topics with peers, family and friends. We want to make sure we understand what they are going through and want to always give them the best.

Here is a brief to help you understand your little one’s developmental milestones. What is important to note that the milestones happen in order.  At times a child may skip one and move on to the next one which is just fine. The age mentioned is as per the Expected due date of your child and not the birth day.

0-3 months

In this phase between birth to 3 months of age the child learns to do a lot of things. He will begin lifting his head while on his stomach. Since the baby is exposed to so many new faces, his/her focus would be on new individuals around.  Your baby will also begin smiling at people in this phase. In this phase, brightly colored objects will attract the child. You will also notice that your baby makes some babbling sounds with this mouth. They are not words, but just sounds

3-6 months

In this phase between 3 -6 months of age, the child is aware of how words and tones sound and will respond to happy,  sad and familiar voices.  He/she will begin playing with own hands and feet, Bring objects close to the mouth. He/she will really like grasping things around so they will reach out towards objects with both hands.

6-9 months

In this phase you will notice your child crawling around. She/he will be amused at reflections in the mirror.  This is also the time when they enjoy games like Peek-a-boo. During this time you will also notice the child starting to get comfortable in a seated position without much assistance.

9-12 months

In this phase you will notice that your baby is able to pull itself to standing position with the help of furniture around or with the help of its parents and while doing so the baby will be able to take small steps as well. At this point in time they begin to understand conversations and start imitating you when you talk. They also really enjoy dropping and throwing objects around.

12-15 months

In this phase your baby will begin to walk without support.  He/she would be able to say 4-5 words.  They would make sounds with voice modulation which starts to sound like a conversation.

They would start playing with blocks and start stacking them up. They would begin to walk without support. Its some great moments to cherish

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