Day 266 Your Baby’s First Poop

Unsure if your baby’s poop is the right colour? Or if it’s normal for her to poop 3-4 times a day or not poop at all? Relax! Being a new mom and handling a new born baby can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Everything your newborn goes through is new for first time mums as well and there could be a big question mark on what’s normal and what’s not. Here we explain the process of a newborns poop cycle. This will help a new mom understand the stages and will keep you more relaxed with regard to your baby’s well being.

At birth the stool has a blackish colour and this is called meconium. As the baby starts taking the colostrums the stools become greenish in colour by day two and three and as the milk transitions the stools will become a mustard yellow in colour. New born babies who are exclusively breast fed will have loose runny stools with a granular consistency. The baby may pass multiple stools a day or may not pass stools for multiple days. The first couple of weeks stools will also be erratic and your baby may pass a stool after every feed or after urinating, but this settles down by the time the baby is a month old and will eventually pass stools 3-4 times a day only.

If the baby is exclusively breast fed then this is normal. Additionally you must ensure that the baby is feeding well, and seems comfortable and relaxed.


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