Day 262, Your Newborn first 24 hours

New born patterns:

Congratulations!! Your new bundle of joy has finally made its way from your uterus into the world and you can now hold your baby in your arms, cuddle it and be amazed at the fact that your baby is finally here.

In the first 24 hours your baby will sleep a lot. Will be difficult to rouse and even if the baby awakens and you feed the baby the baby will fall asleep in a few minutes. This phase is also called a recovery phase. The baby has made the transition from the womb to the outside world and is over whelmed by all he sees. This tires and exhausts him and hence the baby goes thru a recovery phase. . The only thing that seems to comfort him is being in his mother’s arms because he can hear her voice and her heart beat.  Most new parents will be pleasantly surprised to find their new born sleeping so well.

It is advisable to start breastfeeding your baby with the first feed within the first hour of birth if both mum and baby are comfortable and ready. It is important for the baby to have skin to skin contact with the mum right after birth so the baby feels protected and comforted and it also helps in the development of a bond between the mother and baby.

Let the thought sink in, that the day is finally here. Admire your baby, that’s part of your own flesh and blood and enjoy this day!

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