Day 260, Week 38

Mom at Week 38

Since labour and delivery is all on your mind in this stage of your pregnancy, lets take you through the signs and the labour process so you know what to expect

Some signs to look out for when you are about to go to into labour are- The frequent urge to empty  bowels, spasmic lower back pain. You would also notice a sudden rush of energy. You may feel like to want to clean the house, or go shopping, cook and in general would be really pumped up.

Labour stage 1: This is when you would realize that you’re in labor and will be rushed to the hospital because the baby is on its way soon. In this stage the cervix which is also known as the mouth of the uterus effaces (becomes thin) and dilates which means it opens. Normally the cervix has to efface upto 100% and dilate up to 10 cms which is the size of the baby’s head.

Labour stage 2: In this stage the process of actual birth giving takes place. The baby makes its way from the uterus, into the birth canal and outside into the world.

Labour stage 3: In the third stage of labour the placenta is delivered. This happens spontaneously. After the baby is born, and the cord is clamped onto the placenta and the placenta automatically starts separating from the wall of the uterus and is delivered. This is also referred to as “afterbirth”.

 Your baby’s growth

The baby has grown in considerable size and the baby moves much less now. Instead of full fledged kicks or body movements you only feel jabs and prodding movements cause of the increase in size. The baby’s head would now move inside the vagina causes eerie sensations in the vaginal area which is a very new experience for you. The baby is now growing rapidly and can put on as much as 25 gms per day.

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