Day 253, Week 37

Mom at Week 37

Let’s make this a more chilled out week for you, mom cause soon the little bundle of joy is going to enter the world and be a part of your life. How are you announce the arrival of the one you love the most in the world? Well it might be fun to plan it this week. You could go with a beautiful poster announcements, customised chocolates or cupcakes maybe? You could also look at getting some different baby announcement gifts ready as per your choice, budget and preference. So what will it be? Confused? Need some help with planning the birth announcement? Contact us at Awww and let us help you plan the best birth announcement kit ever.

 Your baby’s growth

Your baby is now a full grown mini human inside you. At this stage your baby may start getting hiccups which will cause rhythmic tapping movements in your abdomen.  You may be able to see your abdomen flutter and move and the sight is pretty amazing.This is the baby practicing breathing movements although the lungs are completely closed


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