Day 252, Preparing the Hospital Bag

Preparing your hospital bag! Here’s all that you need

Into the last week of your Pregnancy and can’t wait for the little bundle of joy to come into the world and into your lives? This excitement can be quite overwhelming. You must however ensure that you are prepared for the big day a few weeks in advance. Labour can start anytime once you are in week 37 and when you do feel the contractions you do not want to scramble around or stress about your hospital bag. Of course most hospitals will provide everything for the mother for use during labour and even gowns for the stay, so do not worry. Check with the hospital if they will be providing the items for the baby and pack accordingly. Some hospitals insist that the baby items should be from the hospital whereas others will insist that you bring all baby requirements and also arrange to have them washed from home.

Here’s a quick checklist for you:

1) Toiletries- Personal articles like hair brush and tooth brush, mums creams and lotions, undergarments and any other personal effects.

2) Maternity Pads- Mom should also pack maternity pads which are especially designed for post partum bleeding and also help the stitches to breathe.

3) Warm socks- For use during labor the mother will need massage tools, warm socks to help her feet stay warm especially during pushing and birth,

4) Chapstick-  to keep her lips from getting dry with all the special breathing that she needs to do during labor contractions,

5) Others – Camera, wash cloths for hot and cold compresses, an exercise ball if possible to practice labor positions, some music to help relax her and anything else she feels will make her comfortable.

Make sure you complete this checklist and you should be good to go!

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