Day 25, The Awww Experience

I don’t know whether I am the right person to write the next few lines, since it’s only been 8 months that I gave up a job to chase my dreams. But the last 8 months have made me realise what “Brand experience” truly is. We are too early in the business to call ourselves established or big but there is something that I have learnt off in the last 6 months and I thought it would be nice to share it.

We have co founded India’s first maternity agency that caters to non medical pregnancy needs in the form of products and services before, during and post pregnancy. We address a certain need gap that currently exists in society through our services and strive to make the pregnancy journey a lot more comfortable and stress free for a couple.

The market is huge and 90 percent is unorganized in nature. When we started off we knew we were helping pregnant couples and making their lives more comfortable and in the bargain also building a business that was niche and that could potentially have a place in a $12-18 billion market.

I began meeting a few pregnant clients and co creating customised Pregnancy care plans for them as per their need. Every time I demonstrated to an Awww mum, the value of a product or service and she was convinced of the same, it was a moment of achievement. That I thought was my high point. But, there was something higher than that in store for us J If you have a good product, it doesn’t take long for someone to realise that it would provide value to them, but an experience becomes a part of one’s life. When an Awww mum or a grandmum, writes to you, blesses you and tells you how you have provided comfort to them truly, invites you over to meet them from time to time for a casual chat, walks you through their pregnancy experiences and treats you like you are part of their own family is when you begin to realise the meaning of the word “Brand Experience”.

We at Awww are glad that each and every interaction has resulted in the creation of an experience not only for the expectant mums and their families but also for us at Awww. We had always wanted to be providers of the “ Awww-some experience” but being part of it is truly blissful 🙂

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