Day 243, Importance of Baby Proofing

Importance of Baby home proofing!

In your third trimester and wondering what all can you do best before your baby arrives? Here’s a very important aspect that you need to dwell into on a serious note and that’s baby home proofing your flat/apartment/house. Your baby will begin crawling post 6-8 months and its important for you to get some professional knowledge on the subject and find out how this can be a saviour to you and your baby’s safety needs. Let’s look at a few important aspects of baby home proofing below.

Why is Baby proofing so important? 

Nothing in the world is more important than the safety of our children. Babyproofing (or childproofing) a room involves seeing the room from a child’s perspective and then identifying and removing all the dangerous items that may be present.
For example: electric sockets at floor level. Children may be tempted to stick their fingers or metallic objects in the electric socket. There is a danger of the child being electrocuted. This may result in a mild or serious injury including death.

Research has showed us the following- 

· 66% of the injured children are infants, toddlers or pre-schoolers

· Approximately 23% injuries happen at school/playground

· 36% of the injuries are falls, followed by poisoning 11% and foreign bodies 7%

How can Baby Proofing help a new parent? 

Baby proofing the house can instantly take care of a lot of dangers. Extensive research on this subject has revealed that if we take some basic precautions and prepare for some emergencies, we can ensure the safety of our children and prevent them from getting hurt by following the step

· Create awareness to reduce injuries

· Keep coins, small items away from the reach of children

· Improve the quality of supervision

At Awww we will be happy to make your home a safer place for your child.

Awww offers workshop on “Preventing Accidents and Basic First Aid” and our expert partners have trained more than 1000 participants.

At Awww we provide you with services in the form of not only products that can be used to ensure safety but also take you through workshop sessions to help create a safe environment for your baby at home.

Call us today to know more!

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