Day 228, Sensory Stimulation Kit

Sensory Stimulation kit : From birth to 2 years

It is the only one of its kind in the market which provides stimulation to the various senses as early as day one of birth and can be used beyond two years of age as well with a little innovation.

The human brain starts as a single cell in utero and then these cells multiply into trillions of cells. However these are still very random cells and very few connections have been made. When these cells start wiring with each other the process is called synaptogenesis and about 83% of synaptogenesis will continue after birth. The more connections each cell makes the more developed the brain is. With sensory input the neurons get wired to other neurons and by the time the baby is about 3 years old there are 100 trillion connections. Different stimuli help establish different neural networks and hence the more repeated stimulation (sensory stimulation) the baby gets the circuits get strengthened.

We have five different senses – Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch. With our sensory stimulation kit we are helping you stimulate these senses at the appropriate ages. Flash cards for visual stimulation, starting with black and white, then adding a color, and moving to pictures, alphabets, numbers and even counting skills. For developing the sense of smell special containers have been provided which our counselor will guide you on what to place in these containers. We also have touch cards which can be used to stimulate the sense of touch. As your baby grows you can seek guidance on how to stimulate the sense of taste.

Remember that the more the stimulation, and the more consistent and repetitive the stimulation the stronger the pathway. This pathway is then later utilised for various activities that humans need to do in terms of day to day life as well as achievement oriented activities.

For a complete session you may also want to take up the Brain Stimulation session which will guide you on various activities that you as parents can do to help stimulate the five senses.

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