Day 227, Sleep a lot during Pregnancy


Sleep a lot during pregnancy as that will help you be able to stay awake post delivery.


Sleeping well during pregnancy has no effect whatsoever on your sleeping pattern after delivery. Every individual needs a certain amount of sleep and rest hours every day. Post delivery your sleeping schedule maybe a little erratic. This happens because the baby would be used to being more awake at night and would sleep during the day as this is the cycle that the baby followed in the womb. It will take a while to change this around. New Moms would have to set a routine around the baby’s body clock cycle in order to make sure your baby is eating well and is settling down well. Hence in most cases your sleep schedule changes and you may find yourself not being able to get as much sleep. However this is a temporary phase and will get back to normal once the baby adapts to the life outside the womb. This however has got nothing to do with you adding on extra sleep hours during your pregnancy in order to make up for sleep after delivery.

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