Day 225, Week 33

Mom at Week 33

Since you are in the last few weeks of your pregnancy and your probably already hearing a lot about C section and natures birth, let’s give you soem perspective on the circumstances under which your doctor would opt for a C section. At times a mom may go into labor and then certain conditions may need to opt for a surgical birth. Some moms may just not go into labor and be over due, in this case if induction does not work then a C section is the only option. In few cases, a mom may go into labor but the cervix may not open and it is not possible to physically cut the cervix, hence the baby would have to be delivered by a C section. In other cases the mom may go into labor, the cervix would also open but the baby does not move down and that would result in a C section too. Also during the labor process if the baby shows signs of distress or the mom develops a temperature due to an infection or if her blood pressure shoots up, the doctor would go in for a C section procedure. If the condition is not an emergency the doctor will opt for a spinal block which means the mom can be awake and greet her baby at birth. If it is an emergency then the doctor will opt for general anesthesia and deliver the baby asap.

Moving away from the topic of C section, now is also an important time for you to look at  baby home proofing options. Your baby will begin crawling post 6-8 months and it’s important for you to get some professional knowledge on the subject and find out how this can be a saviour to you and your baby’s safety needs. Contact the experts at Awww and we will provide you a workshop session and a product kit that can be used at home to protect your baby from any dangers at home.

Your baby’s growth phase

Yayy!! your baby is now in the 33rd week and inching closer and closer to entering the world !! Last week we spoke about how the doctors would check on the baby to make sure the baby is assuming the head down position. By now the baby should have adopted the head down position which it will maintain till delivery. Also the baby’s football like kicks now become more subtle as there is less space for it to somersault in the uterus since the baby has increased in size.

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