Day 220, Heatburn


Experiencing a burning sensation in your chest? Heartburn, also known as acid reflux is a very common symptom in pregnancy because the hormone progesterone relaxes your muscles and stomach valve that keeps acid from getting into the eusophaegus.  Also the uterus takes more space in the abdominal cavity, in a way forces the stomach acids to enter the eusophaegus

You can take a few preventive measures yourself to help reduce or get rid of heartburn.

Avoid spicy and oily foods

Meals that are less oily and less spicy in nature should be preffered in order to avoid heartburns. You could lower the masala intake in food items and go for something for milder on your stomach.

Eat small frequent meals

Pregnant Moms would need to eat every 2-3 hour which means 6 meals. Follow the below mix of nutrients and food intake while timing them well in such a way that you eat more frequent small meals and avoid long gaps between the meals


Avoid food such as carbonated drinks, excess chocolate, caffeine, acidic and citrus food items, fried, fatty food items and processed meat.

Consult your doctor

If the problem still persists, it is best to take medications prescribed by the doctor

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