Day 22, Week 4

This is a really early stage in pregnancy and at this point most women have not felt any differently or have not noticed any changes in their body so far. Most moms will probably complete the first month without even realising they are pregnant.

The fertilized egg from the fallopian tube has now made its way and has now reached the uterus after floating around for app. 72 hours.  The egg will find a space and implants itself onto the uterine lining. The blood vessels of the uterine lining nourish the egg and the placenta begins to form.

When to be moms miss the first period they would do the pregnancy test and then schedule a visit with the doctor.

Second time moms understand that small changes in the body can signal a pregnancy like the sensitive breasts, darkened and enlarged areola and the feeling of being slightly bloated.

Some women also do report a change in taste at this stage.

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