Day 204, Week 30

Your Pregnancy Journey

You will soon be a mommy and as you have noticed by now, as and how the weeks proceed by, you will find your uterus becoming heavier and larger. It disturbs your centre of gravity and can cause you to loose your balance. Back aches are very common in this phase. Another pregnancy change which contributes to the back ache during pregnancy is the change in the size of the breasts. This is generally something which most pregnant moms will ignore. Here is what happens; The breast increases in weight and this causes the shoulders to droop forward. Most pregnant women by the third trimester have a deep arch in the lower back due to the growing uterus and shoulders drooping forward due to the growing breasts. Both these physiological changes can be managed by a simple posture correction. You could do a few things to help relieve yourself of them.

1. Stand sideways in front of a mirror, such that you can observe yourself full length at a side angle.

2. Make sure that when you stand, your feet are placed firmly on the ground with a 6 inch gap between them.

3. Next push your chest out and push your shoulders back.

If you are sitting, especially for long hours at work then follow these simple steps to correct your sitting posture;

1. Sit comfortably on the chair seat such that your buttocks are touching the back of the chair.

2. Your feet should reach the floor and be flat.

3. Your thigh should be at a slight angle to the floor. Which means that the knee should be inclined downwards.

4. Always tuck a small pillow in the small of your back for support – especially when sitting in office, in the car or watching television.

Avoid slouching. Sit upright and use a good multipurpose pillow or a wedge pillow while sitting so it can support your back and take the pressure off it due to the growing belly.

Your Baby’s growth

You should definitely communicate with the baby more in this phase. Maybe read to him or sing to him or just have a conversation because your baby at this stage is very aware of its surroundings. This will help you form a lovely bond with your baby while he is still in your womb and im sure he smiles and is the happiest to hear your voice  If you have experienced the Braxton hicks contractions yet, your baby would have felt it too. Your baby also now reacts to other external sounds and light.

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