Day 197, Week 29


Moms Body changes

Your baby is growing bigger every week and hence. The uterus now occupies most of the abdominal cavity and all the internal organs are pushed out of the way. There is a lot of pressure on the diaphragm, stomach and intestine. It is important for mums in this phase to eat well, drink lots of fluids and rest well. Now would be a good time to look at planning a really nice maternity photoshoot. It will take your mind off a lot of the pregnancy related discomforts and will bring in some excitement. It also serves as a great way to create memories for this all important phase in your life.

Imagine a beautiful studio setup with lovely backdrops, lighting and a team that is waiting to make that day and this pregnancy phase extra special for you. You can choose from a whole set of unlimited props and pose your way through the photoshoot with your partner. We also have a makeup artist ready to make sure you look amazing in all those photos. While planning the maternity photoshoot it might also be a good idea to get a good deal on your baby photo shoot session.

Contact Awww and let us help you capture these memories forever!

Baby’s growth

This week your baby is growing bigger in size. The baby’s head is growing bigger to accommodate the brain. Your baby is now on her way to fully developing the remaining parts of her body which includes the muscles, lungs and so on.

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