Day 183, Week 27

Your Pregnancy Journey

You are carrying a miniature version of yourself inside your uterus and by this stage weight gain becomes steady and noticeable.

Pregnancy is a time of growth. As the baby grows, your body changes and you gain weight. The amount you can expect to gain depends on your weight before pregnancy.

Each time you visit the doctor you’ll be weighed.

You may wonder why you need to gain so much weight. The baby will not weigh 14 kilos. Here is where the weight will be distributed.

(These are average figures.)

While it is important to gain enough weight, you will want to avoid gaining too much. Gaining too much weight may make delivery harder. It may also make it harder to get back to the weight you were before you became pregnant. It is a good idea to watch your calories so that you do not get overweight.  Being overweight is not healthy for a pregnant woman’s body too. A good well balanced diet is sufficient for you and your baby. You do not need to eat twice the proportions. You just need to eat right and increase of an additional of 300 calories a day through the right combination of food is enough for your body Consult a prenatal nutritionist for guidance on the correct diet to be followed at every trimester of your pregnancy in order to nourish the baby and not put on unnecessary weight.

Your Baby’s growth

Your baby’s skin is beautiful, soft, tender and very delicate. It is taking on a more opaque form. On account of being exposed to the amniotic fluid, your baby’s skin at this stage of your pregnancy seems wrinkled. However it is protected by the vernix.

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