Day 173, Tips for Baby Photoshoot

Awww believes that those early moments of your child are the most precious and priceless moments ever. So be it a new born 48 hour photoshoot, 15 day shoot, 3 month shoot, 6 month shoot or a 1 year shoot, let us record these early moments for your new bundle of joy so you can play them back and revisit those memories even after 20 years.

In order to get ready for your baby’s photoshoot you have been dreaming of make sure you arrange for the following-

1) For your baby’s outfits look at narrowing down on things like tutus for a baby girl, a smart tie for baby boy, dresses, jumpsuits, smart formals for boys etc. Try and use pastel shades as they look best on babies.

2) Narrow down on Pastel shade outfits for your photoshoot. Either gowns or tops but stick to pastel shades as they tend to make pictures look good

3) If you like something in particular that have you seen before, let our team about it so we can prepare to shoot with you on similar lines before the actual day of the shoot.

4) Make sure the time you select for the baby photoshoot is when the baby is most active and happy. It should not be a time where we break his/her sleep schedule. Make sure the baby is well fed before you come in and carry the baby’s food along as well so you can feed him/her during break time at the photoshoot

5) Carry some of the baby’s, toys  or some fun elements that he/she reacts to, and is happy when she/he looks at it, so that way the baby is in a good mood and the photographer can get some good shots.

6) Carry some warm clothes for the baby between shots,  so that your baby does not feel cold in an air conditioned environment.

7) Get plenty of rest and a good night sleep the previous day yourself

8) If you like you can also choose from a list of facial services available from Awww. Our therapist can come down a day before and help you so you are ready for the big day

9) You could also think of relaxing and pampering yourself further by indulging in a good  post natal massage. Contact us at Awww and we will bring our expert therapists to you to help you relax before the baby’s photoshoot

10) The most important point of all for us at Awww is that your baby is happy and content and that will happen when she/he is comfortable. Our expert team will do all it takes to make them comfortable.

Here is the list of deliverables for a Basic Baby photoshoot at our studio

Awww presents Baby Photoshoot at our well equipped studio for Rs 8500 only.
1) Unlimited use of Props for the baby
2) Make up included for Mom by our professional make up artist.
3) 3-4 dress changes for baby.
4) 15 touched up photos edited by our team.

Call us today to know more! Let’s make this a memory to cherish for a lifetime!

To book this service right away, visit our services tab under the Awww Products and Services page

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