Day 172, Baby Potatoes & Bell Pepper Stir


The very sight of the Baby Potatoes and Bell Pepper Stir-Fry is appetising. The chunky veggies with the aromatic seasonings make you want to grab a bite immediately. And it would do you a world of good to sink your teeth into this tasty stir-fry, as it is loaded with folic acid from the potatoes and broccoli, a nutrient that is essential in the beginning months of gestation for proper development of your baby’s brain.
In order to get the most folic acid out of the potatoes, we have used it unpeeled, but make sure you wash and clean them well before cooking. The capsicums not only add a splash of colours and flavour to your stir-fry, they also contribute a lot of vitamin C, which helps a would-be mom to fight infections. In all, this marvelous dish gives you the best of both worlds – super taste and good health too.

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