Day 169, Week 25

Your Pregnancy Journey

Well Mommy to be, this may be the time when you might start feeling cramps in your legs while sleeping. Ensure that you make a mention of the same to your doctor or to your prenatal instructor who will guide you with relevant exercises and tips. If you haven’t already please do sign up for a good exercise session with a qualified pre natal instructor who would be able to customise exercise sessions for you as and how your body needs it.

The baby may be pressing against the bladder which will induce frequent urination. This need to urinate frequently also happens due to the hormone relaxin which causes even the bladder muscles to relax. This means that the bladder does not understand that it is empty or full and many times mom will come back from the bathroom and immediately feel like going back again. Also in the second trimester your uterus will move into the abdominal cavity however the urge to urinate often in Pregnancy will continue as and how the trimesters proceed and the baby gets ready to come into this world.

Your Baby’s growth

Yayy!! The small little human inside you is now growing quickly and is developing at each stage. Looks like your inching closer to the big day when your baby will finally be playing in your arms and you would be able to touch, cuddle and feel your baby.  The baby’s soft cartilage initially is now beginning to harden in the form of bones.

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