Day 164, Eating out Made Healthy

In today’s fast paced world – We all find ourselves frequently eating out. If we could choose healthy options then we could have our cake and eat it too. Here are some quick tips to ensure that you can enjoy your night out and not compromise on your health.

1. Stay away from Buffets – A Buffet generally has a large variety and this leads to over eating. You will surely cross your calorie requirement. Excess calories always get stored in your body as fats and hence leads to weight gain.

2. Smart Starters – Order the baked, grilled, roasted options. Avoid fried. Order limited quantity as these can fill you up.

3. Super Soups – Choose a soup which has the actual vegetable or meat pieces and not strained. Stay away from creamed soup as these pack on extra calories.

4. Mmmm Main Course – Read the menu carefully and opt for the non-creamy dishes. Plan your meal to include unrefined carbohydrates, vegetables and a serving of protein as well. This will ensure that you have a balanced intake.

5. Delightful Desserts – Here is where we spread the love. If desserts must be ordered then always think about sharing.

Choosing the right restaurant is very important. Book your table in advance so that you do not have to wait too long. Waiting makes you hungry and this results in binge eating. Pregnant moms and children should eat a healthy snack before they head to the restaurant. Check with the restaurant in advance about options for children if you have kids going to the restaurant with you.

Children get bored very easily. Carry a few simple entertainment options with you. Ask for the high chair in the restaurant so that your child can sit in one place and not create a nuisance. A simple suggestion for young children is to use the car seats strapped onto the restaurant chairs if a high chair option is not available.

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