Day 150, Sleeping at Night

Sleeping at night – 2nd Trimester

The good news is that sleeping at night during the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy normally becomes a lot easier for most moms. Mostly moms can sleep fairly well since urination has settled down. Also during this phase the bump may have started showing a little for most women however the bump is not too large hence the weight does not fall onto the back and disturb the sleeping position. Second trimester sleep is not really too much of a concern.

Also mostly the urge to eat at odd hours due and sudden hunger pangs do not not bother them in this phase. Most moms report they sleep like a log at this time. Also many other pregnancy symptoms like cramps or back ache may not yet have reared their head.

You can also do a few things to ensure you sleep well in this phase and to further develop good sleeping habits for the months to come.


Exercising and walking increases the intake of oxygen supply to your body, keeps you healthy, active and positive and helps you sleep better at night. Sign up to a good prenatal exercise session and map out a schedule for a time to exercise with the experts taking care of your safety and customising an exercise plan for you as per your body’s needs and requirements (Contact Awww for more info)

Invest in a good body pillow

Once you enter the third trimester of your pregnancy your doctor would advice you to sleep on your sides and not your back. It’s a good time now to invest in  body pillow now and to make it a habit to start sleeping on your sides with the help of your pillow. (Contact Awww to get one today)

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