Day 138, Baby Photoshoot from Awww


Awww believes that those early moments of your child are the most precious and priceless moments ever. So be it a new born 48 hour photoshoot, 15 day shoot, 3 month shoot, 6 month shoot or a 1 year shoot, let us record these early moments for your new bundle of joy so you can play them back and revisit those memories even after 20 years.

Here is the list of deliverables for a Baby photoshoot at our studio

Awww presents Baby Photoshoot at our well equipped studio for Rs 8500 only.

1) Unlimited use of Props for the baby
2) Make up included for Mom by our professional make up artist.
3) 3-4 dress changes for baby.
4) 15 touched up photos edited by our team.

Call us today to know more! Let’s make this a memory to cherish for a lifetime!

To book this service right away, visit our services tab under the Awww Products and Services page.

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