Day 133, Pregnancy & Bed Rest


Pregnancy and being on Bed Rest

You have missed your period and your heart skips a beat. All those months of planning and it looks like the dream is now a reality. The home pregnancy test is positive and you schedule a visit to the doctor. Pregnancy is going to be fun, eating for two, getting pampered, feeling the flutters and in general wearing the pregnancy glow. But at times this may not really go as per the plan. You might be faced with a pregnancy complication which puts a damper on the spirits and you find yourself and your life at a stand still when you hear the word Bed Rest. Naturally every woman wants the best for her baby and so do you but here are some tips on how to make the most of this time that you are technically under house arrest.

It is cliché but keep your chin up. This is a short period and it will pass. And before you know it you will have a healthy baby. It is important to understand from your doctor your range of movements. Are you confined to the house, to the bed, the bed in an elevated position ? Once you have clarity on this it will be easier to plan your activities.

Call in the support from family and friends. They can help come in and spend time with you since you cannot move out with them. Rent movies, read books and yes even take up a hobby. You will be surprised at the number of activities that you can do lying in bed and you might pick up a new skill as well.

But besides all this don’t forget to Exercise. Yes you did read correctly. Women who are on bed rest can also do some gentle movements safely and this helps keep the circulation going and makes you feel more positive. Here are some movements which would be allowed. However it is still best to check with your doctor before you get started.

1. Deep Breathing : This helps to tone the lungs and the abdomen. Besides this it provides oxygen and also helps to de stress you. In fact deep breathing has been used in various forms of meditation across various cultures. You can do this in a lying down position as well. Just imagine that you have to fill your lungs and abdomen with air and then exhale slowly. All the time ensuring that you do not hold your breath.

2. Wrist Rotations : You can do this lying down or sitting up. Gently circle your wrists – clock wise and then anti-clockwise.

3. Finger Flex : Stretch your fingers and then curl up your fists into a tight ball. Repeat a few times.

4. Ankle Rotations – Again you can do this lying down or sitting up. Gintly circle your ankles – clock wise and then anti-clockwise.

5. Feet Flex – Point and flex your toes to give your calves a gentle but effective workout.

6. Shoulder shrugs – If you are allowed to sit up then shrugging your shoulders up and down and also doing wide shoulder circles first clock wise and then anti clockwise can help remove kinks from the neck and the upper back.

7. Neck rotations – Gently circle your head first clock wise and then anti- clockwise.

8. Kegels – Check with your doctor before you attempt this pelvic floor exercise. It is very simple, imagine that you have to stop the flow of urine. The muscles used to achieve this are your pelvic floor muscles. Never attempt to do this exercise while urinating as you could damage your bladder muscles. You can do 50-75 kegels everyday.

Being on Bed Rest is tough but with gentle exercise in the range of movements which are permitted you can help yourself feel comfortable as well as prepare your body for birth and a faster post partum recovery.

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