Day 122, Breast Changes

Breast changes in the 2nd trimester

By now you are noticing a few changes in your body, in your bottocks, waist etc. Your breasts will also change in size and will feel tender and sore at different parts of your pregnancy.

Usually once a pregnant mom reaches the 2nd trimester, she experiences an increase in her cup size. This usually goes up by one or more sizes.

Hence by the second trimester mom may need a change in the bra size

This size will change till week 35 after which it will be more stable and will change back post breast feeding.

By the third trimester, Your breasts may also leak colostrum. However the presence or absence of colostrum during pregnancy is not indicative of the amount of breast milk you will produce in the post natal period.

It is suggested that you wear a good supportive bra all thru pregnancy and also post delivery. This helps tremendously. It is suggested that you wear a good supportive bra all through pregnancy and also post delivery. Make sure you pick a bra that fits you well, the cup must completely cover the breast and additionally choose cotton straps and not elastic ones so that the breasts are supported well and there is less room for a wiggle. After you try them on, bounce in them a bit and if you feel comfortable then that is the size for you. It is advisable to buy just a couple at a time and not too many as the size would change progressively. Post delivery while breast feeding do not wear under wires.

It is also good that you do some chest exercises which can help prevent sagging.

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