Day 106, Week 16

Your Pregnancy journey

You should be looking at getting some real good “Mom Time’ in this week. Relax yourself and indulge in a prenatal massage. Pre natal massages have tonnes of benefits to pregnant and new mums. You have to however make sure that you sign up with a professional therapist who is qualified and knows what she needs to do while looking after the safety and comfort of the mum and baby.

A professional qualified pregnancy therapist is aware about the pressure points need to be worked upon. She knows the pressure points that will provide relief to the mum and starts the process with caution and care.

A prenatal massage relieves the “mother to be” from aches and pains. A pregnant woman experiences pain or swelling in their lower back, abdomen, head, feet etc. A good therapist can ease swelling and pain thus providing comfort to the “to be mother” and helping her relax.

Prenatal massages help increase oxygen in the blood. It helps in blood circulation through all the parts of the body thus ensuring enough oxygen and nutrients reach the mum and baby. It helps to tone the muscles of the body and helps ease sciatic pain. Most women face sleepless nights in pregnancy and prenatal massages helps in relaxing the mother thus decreasing insomnia. Pregnancy massages also help during depression and eases stress in the mind of mums thus helping them feel better. Please make sure you only call on a professional therapist for these massages and make sure you get a go ahead from your doctor before you call on this service.  Contact us at Awww to avail of this service today!

Your baby’s growth

This week your heart will skip a beat. Why you ask? During your doctor’s visit you will undergo an ultrasound and you will be able to see your baby for the first time. Lanugo which is known as fine hair is now starting to form all over your baby’s body. Your baby also has fingernails and toenails. It is now 16cms in length and weighs app.135 gms

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