Week 22

Your Pregnancy Journey

Yes, it’s that exciting part of your pregnancy where you would begin to notice a few changes in your body and the way it functions. You are a pregnant mom, there’s a new life growing inside you and these changes are only normal to experience. This article is meant to give you a brief overview on the body changes you are likely to experience and a few measures you can take to make this change more comfortable

In the first trimester there is no visible bump and pregnant mums will be able to hide the same. This is because the uterus is still in the pelvic cavity. However since it has started to grow it puts a little pressure on the bladder which accounts for the need to urinate frequently.

This need to urinate frequently also happens due to the hormone relaxin which causes the bladder muscles to relax. This means that the bladder does not understand that it is empty or full and many a times mums will fell the need to urinate more frequently

Belly size

After twenty the uterus has reached the belly button. Traditionally weeks of gestation would be counted by measuring the size of the uterus in centimetres. A doctor would generally measure the mothers abdomen with a measuring tape and determine the due date or the gestation age.
It is difficult for mom to hide the news now.


The moms buttock size also increases as the pelvis stretches to accomodate the growing baby and uterus. Many Indian myths state that if the buttocks are growing then the mom is carrying a girl and if the abdomen is growing then the mom is carrying a boy. However this is only a myth.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks also generally make an appearance in the second trimester. As the uterus grows the skin also stretches and when it can stretch no more it results in a stretch mark.

Dental Check up

Most moms will experience bleeding and or spongy gums. This is again due to the hormone relaxin. Since the gums are spongy there is a possibility of build up of plaque and tarter and this can lead to pre term contractions or early labor. It is also advisable for the mom to massage her gums after every brushing as well as ensure that she uses a soft tooth brush.

Your Baby’s growth

The baby now has a sleep and awake cycle which will continue in the first few weeks after delivery. Generally the baby is most active when you are resting which explains why new borns are more wakeful in the night and sleep more during the day.

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