Day 57, Week 9

Your Pregnancy journey

This is good time to get a dental check up and clean up done. Most moms will experience bleeding and or spongy gums. This is again due to the hormone relaxin. Since the gums are spongy there is the possibility of build up of plaque and tarter and this can lead to pre term contractions or early labor. It is also advisable for the mom to massage her gums after every brushing as well as ensure that she uses a soft tooth brush. Women normally also experience skin changes this week. Most women normally experience what most call a “Pregnancy glow” in this phase. Their wrinkles and dark spots start to fade and be less visible due to the hormonal changes. When a woman is pregnant, the body produces 50 percent more blood. This causes an increase in blood circulation in the pregnant mums body thus giving her a brighter appearance.

During this phase a pregnant woman’s body produces a lot of hormones as well. This means that even your oil glands are working overtime thus making your face appear oiler and thus shinier. Hence people say that when a woman is pregnant she has a glow on her face.

Your Baby’s growth

At this stage the amniotic fluid is increasing in your body. The weight of the baby is that of a grape. Your baby is yet small but growing rapidly and quickly.  Your baby is now officially called a “foetus”. The baby’s fingers and toes are now visible. Right now they would appear webbed and would remain webbed for a few weeks. The baby starts to move around to get some exercise but the mother will not be able to feel these movements. The lungs also begin to develop at this stage.

Day 58, Beauty Treatments during Pregnancy


I cannot undertake any beauty treatments during my pregnancy


Most beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy. However as a caution you may want to visit your favourite salon for a makeover once you have completed the first trimester and your baby is now past the critical period of development.

Bleach, hair color, waxing all can be undertaken safely during pregnancy.

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Day 60, Eating something White ill result in a Fair Bab

Myth 1

Eating something white in the morning will ensure you have a fair baby.

Myth 2

Adding saffron (kesar) to milk will result in a fair baby.


Both the statements are totally untrue. The colour of a baby’s skin depends upon the content of melanin in the skin and this is purely genetic and does not depend upon the food that the mother eats. The consumption of Saffron does not make the baby fair skinned. Saffron is a spice and can enhance the flavour but not influence the colour of the skin.

It is important that one focuses on the health of the mom so that both the mom and baby are  healthy and happy.

Day 62, Having the girl’s mother in delivery room is Bad Luck


Having the girl’s mother in the delivery room at the time of delivery is bad luck.


This statement is totally untrue. When it’s time for the baby to be born, in most cases there is one person that is allowed to accompany the mom into the delivery room. This could either be the husband, a sibling, mother, friend, a pre natal and post natal expert or anyone that the mother would count upon for support and strength. The actual process of giving birth is very personal to each mum and the procedures carried out by the gynaecologist totally depend upon the current situation at hand. The mum and baby’s well being is top priority for the doctor conducting the procedure and he/she will take necessary actions to ensure that both the mum and baby are doing fine. This has got no co relation whatsoever with whom the mum chooses as her support structure in the delivery room. Infact most to be mums are happy to have their mothers in the delivery room with them during this moment and they can do so without any inhibitions.

Day 63, Craving for Sweets


If you crave sweet then it’s a girl and if you crave spicy then it’s a boy.


Some Pregnant Moms have cravings for sweet; some have cravings for something tangy in nature. Other moms crave junk food, cold desserts; yogurts so on and so forth. So why does this happen? Well there is reasoning to that and it definitely has got nothing to do with the mum either carrying a girl or a boy.

All this generally happens when there is a deficiency in the mom’s nutrient levels. For eg: Some moms crave tangy food and these are foods which are high in vitamin C. Iron levels drop during pregnancy and vitamin C helps the body to absorb more iron and hence naturally asks for the mother to eat more of vitamin C foods.  A good balanced diet should help the mom balance her nutrients level in the body.

Hormones also play a huge part to create cravings in mums during pregnancy.

Hence please be rest assured that the food cravings have got nothing to do with the baby’s gender