Day 43, Week 7

Your Pregnancy Journey

If you visit your gynaecologist at this point in time, they would do a physical examination in the form of a vaginal examination in order to be able to confirm the pregnancy. At this stage of your pregnancy, you may begin to feel a little tired or fatigued. Pregnancy hormones are making you feel this way. At this stage this is normal. You must however run these symptoms through your doctor to make sure it’s a normal pregnancy effect and not something to worry about. The Breasts also continue to feel enlarged and tender. You may also experience some mood swings at this point in time too and may also find some difficulty sleeping due to the anxiety of the baby growing inside you. But this is all normal. If you are facing Anytime sickness and are facing difficulty in dealing with it, Here are a few tips to manage ‘Anytime Sickness’.

Your baby’s growth

Your baby has now grown a little more. Every week is going to be so exciting cause there will be small developments in stages and it’s the most magical feeling ever. Your baby’s spinal cord and the brain are now almost ready and the baby is app 1-3 cm long. They eyelids are also beginning to form

The baby now also has limb buds which resemble arms and legs. The limbs also have developed small formations which will eventually grow into fingers and toes.

Day 44, Nausea Morning Sickness

We really don’t know why this is called Morning Sickness, mainly because for a pregnant mom, waves of nausea and feeling uneasy can hit at any time of the day. Another thing, we don’t understand is why use the term Sickness because it really is a hormonal change which happens due to Pregnancy. But since it makes you uncomfortable lets use the phrase ‘Anytime Sickness

Here are a few tips to managing ‘Anytime Sickness’.

1. Eat small meals and make sure you stay away from fried and processed foods. Also stay away from sugary foods.

2. If this is a morning affliction for you, then don’t just jump out of bed raring to go. Keep a jar of dry crackers or plain biscuits next to your bed. Reach for one as soon as you wake up and nibble on it. Lie back and snooze for an additional 15 minutes and then get started.

3. If it is “Anytime” affliction then I would recommend snacking on a dry toast or a plain biscuit every couple of hours. These are carbohydrates and will help settle the stomach acids.

4. Run an inventory of smells which trigger off the nausea. For some it may be the toothpaste and for others it may be certain foods. Try and keep away from the smells which irritate you.

5. Ginger plays a great role in helping you handle this condition. Nibbling on a tiny sliver of ginger or mixing ginger juice with a little honey and consuming a teaspoon when you feel uncomfortable can give relief.

6. You could also avoid spicy foods and make sure you eat your high protein foods with enough fibre in the form of fresh fruits of vegetables

7. Anti-nausea bands are also available in the market and these can be used for relief.

Most of the times the hormonal changes are most dramatic in the first few weeks and they settle down in the second trimester. But for some moms the feeling of nausea may continue for the entire nine months or may reappear in the third trimester. It is important to remember that the baby is feeding of the mother and in the first few weeks even if you are not able to hold too much the baby will get nourished from your reserves. You will do well to identify certain foods which suit you and mix and match them to form your own days meal plan. Its really ok to eat the same foods every day as long as they are healthy, you are able to hold them and they make you feel comfortable. You might want to stay away from high protein foods for a few weeks as they take longer to digest and hence can make you feel uncomfortable. If you are unable to hold anything then you must inform your doctor as this is known as ‘hyperemesis gravidarum’ and this condition needs to be treated. Medications prescribed to help you cope with these hormonal changes are safe to be taken during pregnancy so do follow your doctor’s instructions and guidelines.

Contact Awww and let us help you devise a good nutrition and diet plan to help ease discomforts during this phase.

Day 45, Breathlessness

Experiencing breathlessness while carrying out everyday tasks? Do you feel like you are unable to climb stairs or speak for long durations without feeling breathless?  Mild Breathlessness in pregnancy is quite normal and can be quite draining to deal with.

Why does this occur?

Pregnant mums lungs are growing to accommodate and provide for additional oxygen for her baby inside of her and this can cause the feeling of breathlessness.  Your Pregnancy hormones are making you suck in more oxygen for you and your baby and even day to day tasks can feel tiring in nature

But don’t worry you can take small measures to help deal with this situation

Deep Breathing

Make some time everyday to do some deep breathing. Concentrate on your breath as you breathe in and breathe out and this practice is not only good for you and your baby’s health but will also help you deal with pregnancy anxieties and breathlessness

Take a few moments!

While climbing stairs mom should pause at every landing take a few deep breaths and then proceed further.


Exercises as suggested by your prenatal care provider can also help deal with the feeling of breathlessness

However along with breathlessness if you experience chest pain, cough or severely not being able to breathe you must call your doctor immediately

Day 46, Pineapple during a Pregnancy


Eating pineapple during pregnancy will cause a miscarriage


A mom to be would usually receive a lot of advice with regards to different topics in pregnancy and food seems to be a popular choice for all. You may have heard certain people talk about pineapple being unsafe during pregnancy.

This is a complete myth. When you eat a pineapple the mouth generally feels a little itchy and raw and crunchy. In the olden times many people felt this would have a similar effect on the uterus as well and hence it was a food item that people thought should be avoided during pregnancy.

Day 48, Being Safe & Pregnant

The word Caution takes on a whole different meaning when you find out you are pregnant. Everything that you do, every step that you take, your mind immediately asks the question – Is it Safe ? And this can lead to a lot of anxiety as you do not want to harm your baby in any way. Let’s talk about some ways and means to ensure that you and your baby are safe in this super special time.

– Traveling : We cannot sit at home all the time. We do have to travel. Maybe to work, to the market, for an outing or even for a holiday. Choose a mode of transport that is not very jarring. Which means that avoid two and three wheelers during pregnancy as far as possible. For road transport use cars and buses, Trains are safe as well and of course you can take a flight too. Most airlines will ask you to carry a Fit to Fly letter from your doctor if you have crossed week 28 of your pregnancy. When on the flight make sure you drink plenty of fluids, move around frequently, perform stretching exercises on your seat and carry some home cooked snacks so that you do not have to rely completely on airline food.

– Exercise : It is important to exercise if all is well with your pregnancy. Seek permission from your doctor before you start any exercise routine. Ensure that you are supervised by a qualified trainer. Walking is the safest exercise during pregnancy but make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes and keep yourself well hydrated. Always listen to your body and stop at the first sign of discomfort.

– Beauty Treatments : Most beauty treatments are safe during pregnancy. However as a caution you may want to visit your favorite salon for a make over once you have completed the first trimester and your baby is now past the critical period of development. Bleach, hair color, waxing all can be undertaken safely during pregnancy.

– Spa Treatments : Now here is a word of caution. As a pregnant mom you have many aches and pains and you long for a massage or a hot tub. Be cautious. Make sure your therapist is qualified for pregnancy massage as there are certain pressure points which can induce pre term contractions. Hot tubs and saunas are also contraindicated since they raise your body temperature and hence also raise the temperature of the womb. This is not safe for the developing fetus.

– Home renovations : Every parent plans to redo at least a section of the home in preparation for the new baby. Most of the work that is done is safe for the mom to supervise. But at the time of the paint being scraped and the walls being sanded to prepare them for the fresh coat of paint, it is best that the pregnant mom is away from the house. The paint which is being scraped will contain lead and this will be present in the air for a while. Lead is poisonous and especially harmful for a developing fetus.

– Alcohol, Cigarettes and Drugs : There really is no safe permissible limit for alcohol intake. Any alcohol that you intake passes into your blood almost immediately and this passes to the baby. Cigarette smoke can lead to low birth weight babies, premature births and even still birth. Even second hand smoke is harmful. So if you smoke this is a good time to quit and if your partner or a member of the family smokes then they should either quit or not do so around the mother. A pregnant mom should surely stay away from illicit drugs as these can lead to development issues in the fetus.

– Food : Most food items are safe for a pregnant mom to consume. However there is a short list which must be avoided – Uncooked eggs which can appear in various desserts, Soft cheeses, Unpasteurized Milk or Milk products, Sea food with shells, Raw fish, Tuna, Mackerel, Sword Fish, Shark Fish, Processed meat and excessive amounts of caffeine. Caffeine can sneak into not only tea and coffee but aerated drinks as well.

A little caution and a little care can make your pregnancy journey a Safe and Happy time.

Day 49, Buying for your baby before Birth


It is suggested that one should not buy anything for the baby before the baby’s birth as it is again considered to be bad luck


This statement is not true. Buying something in terms or clothes or any other baby accessories and preparing for your baby’s arrival is good planning and has got nothing to do with bad luck. Again ideally it is good to use old clothes since they will be pre washed and also softer. This is good for the baby’s skin.

Also babies outgrow clothes super fast and it might make financial sense to use some borrowed stuff. If you do buy new clothes you can wash it once before your baby wears it so that its softer on the baby’s skin and does not create discomfort to the baby.