Day 29, Week 5

Your Pregnancy Journey

This is the time when you actually think you may be pregnant. It’s a beautiful phase in every woman’s life, and an occasion to celebrate. The first sign to you being pregnant is that your monthly period is delayed. There are also some physical changes to look out for during this phase. Usually the first physical signs are noticed in the breasts. They feel bigger and tender in general. The aerola appears darker and bigger. In this phase you may also feel the urge to urinate more.

Your Baby’s growth

In this week you baby’s spine and brain is beginning to form. The egg is now called an embryo and is about 2mm long. It is possible to see the embryo with the naked eye. Your baby’s limbs, facial features, liver and kidneys are also beginning to form in this phase. It is an indeed an exciting time and in the next few weeks your baby will grow further little by little taking form. We are sure you can’t wait for your baby to be in your arms.

Day 30, Weight Gain


Pregnancy is a time of growth. As the baby grows, your body changes and you gain weight. The amount you can expect to gain depends on your weight before pregnancy.

Each time you visit the doctor you’ll be weighed.

You may wonder why you need to gain so much weight. The baby will not weigh 14 kilos. Here is where the weight will be distributed.



(These are average figures.)

While it is important to gain enough weight, you will want to avoid gaining too much. Gaining too much weight may make delivery harder. It may also make it harder to get back to the weight you were before you became pregnant.

Also try to avoid losing weight during your pregnancy. IF you have a lot of nausea or vomiting, work hard to keep down as much fluid and food as you can. Talk to your doctor. They will suggest ways to get the food you need to prevent weight loss. You can also consult a prenatal specialist who will help you plan a diet based on the foods you are able to hold. Your doctor may recommend medications and these are considered safe for the developing fetus.

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Day 31, Why do I need a Pregnancy Care Plan?

If my subject line has caught your attention and your reading this, you would probably make sense of what I’m about to say.

Have you ever witnessed close family/friends or yourself go through emotional and mental discomfort during Pregnancy? If yes what did you do about it? If your answer is nothing or that discomfort during Pregnancy is normal and its ok to not do anything about it, your answer is quite what I was expecting. I know that our elders lived with a lot of discomfort during their pregnancy and they have passed on the “chalta hai” attitude to us mainly because they did’nt have an option to relieve themselves of any pregnancy discomfort. Well today you do!

What if there was a pregnancy service/agency/institution that took care of 90% of those discomforts and made your journey happy and stressfree?

Awww co creates a Pregnancy Care Plan for you that ensures that most of your mental and physical discomforts are taken care of. By Mental discomfort I mean  anxiety on different topics and areas related to myth free pregnancy information, fitness, career life during pregnancy, baby birth, body changes, baby development, toddler development etc all from industry experts at one singly trusted destination source- Awww. By physical discomfort I am referring to those sleepless nights, swollen feet, body aches to name a few. Awww has products in the form of specialized body pillows, specialized maternity shoes and Prenatal and post natal massages to relieve you from all the above physical discomforts I just pointed out. Would you still then feel that its ok to follow the routine and put yourself through the pregnancy stress or would you switch to a solution that will keep you stress free in the most important phase of your life. Are you ok with seeing a loved one uncomfortable or will you try and do something to change it, now that you have an option?

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Day 32, Spicy Food will lead to Miscarriage



Intake of Spicy food will cause a miscarriage


A mom to be would usually receive a lot of advice with regards to different topics in pregnancy and food seems to be a popular choice for all. You may have heard certain people talk about how consumption of spicy food is unsafe during pregnancy.

Spicy foods will not cause a miscarriage contrary to popular belief.

Meals that are less oily and less spicy in nature should be preferred in order to avoid heartburns during Pregnancy. If a mom to be is comfortable with spicy foods, she can safely enjoy them in moderation.

Day 34, Eating Dates in Pregnancy


Avoid eating dates as they are hot and will cause a miscarriage.


This statement is totally untrue. Dates actually have a lot of benefits.

Dates are infact a rich source of fibre and iron and must be consumed in moderation. They aid the process of digestion and are also considered good for your nerve and muscle function. They are a natural form of sugar, low in cholesterol levels and help you maintain a healthy weight level. If a mom eats dates it does not mean it will result in a miscarriage because there is no correlation between the two.

Day 35, Pregnancy Myths

If your skin glows then you are carrying a boy and if your skin is dull then you are carrying a girl.


This is absolutely untrue. The gender of the baby has got nothing to do with amount of glow on a pregnant woman’s face.  When a woman is pregnant, the body produces 50 percent more blood. This causes an increase in blood circulation in the pregnant mum’s body thus giving her a brighter appearance.

During this phase a pregnant woman’s body produces a lot of hormones as well. This means that even your oil glands are working overtime thus making your face appear oiler and thus shinier. Hence people say that when a woman is pregnant she has a glow on her face.