Day 260, Week 38

Mom at Week 38

Since labour and delivery is all on your mind in this stage of your pregnancy, lets take you through the signs and the labour process so you know what to expect

Some signs to look out for when you are about to go to into labour are- The frequent urge to empty  bowels, spasmic lower back pain. You would also notice a sudden rush of energy. You may feel like to want to clean the house, or go shopping, cook and in general would be really pumped up.

Labour stage 1: This is when you would realize that you’re in labor and will be rushed to the hospital because the baby is on its way soon. In this stage the cervix which is also known as the mouth of the uterus effaces (becomes thin) and dilates which means it opens. Normally the cervix has to efface upto 100% and dilate up to 10 cms which is the size of the baby’s head.

Labour stage 2: In this stage the process of actual birth giving takes place. The baby makes its way from the uterus, into the birth canal and outside into the world.

Labour stage 3: In the third stage of labour the placenta is delivered. This happens spontaneously. After the baby is born, and the cord is clamped onto the placenta and the placenta automatically starts separating from the wall of the uterus and is delivered. This is also referred to as “afterbirth”.

 Your baby’s growth

The baby has grown in considerable size and the baby moves much less now. Instead of full fledged kicks or body movements you only feel jabs and prodding movements cause of the increase in size. The baby’s head would now move inside the vagina causes eerie sensations in the vaginal area which is a very new experience for you. The baby is now growing rapidly and can put on as much as 25 gms per day.

Day 262, Your Newborn first 24 hours

New born patterns:

Congratulations!! Your new bundle of joy has finally made its way from your uterus into the world and you can now hold your baby in your arms, cuddle it and be amazed at the fact that your baby is finally here.

In the first 24 hours your baby will sleep a lot. Will be difficult to rouse and even if the baby awakens and you feed the baby the baby will fall asleep in a few minutes. This phase is also called a recovery phase. The baby has made the transition from the womb to the outside world and is over whelmed by all he sees. This tires and exhausts him and hence the baby goes thru a recovery phase. . The only thing that seems to comfort him is being in his mother’s arms because he can hear her voice and her heart beat.  Most new parents will be pleasantly surprised to find their new born sleeping so well.

It is advisable to start breastfeeding your baby with the first feed within the first hour of birth if both mum and baby are comfortable and ready. It is important for the baby to have skin to skin contact with the mum right after birth so the baby feels protected and comforted and it also helps in the development of a bond between the mother and baby.

Let the thought sink in, that the day is finally here. Admire your baby, that’s part of your own flesh and blood and enjoy this day!

Day 264, Baby Massage and Benefits

Thinking about giving your baby a massage? Well! There are a numerous reasons why you should do this.

The first sense to develop in the womb is the sense of touch and all babies respond positively to being held, stroked and cuddled by their parents. Naturally a massage from their parents is a touch that the baby recognises and is comfortable with. Let’s take you through a few benefits of a baby massage

Close contact baby massage encourages strong bonds between the parents and the child.

Touch stimulates brain activity in the baby leading to increased attentiveness and stimulating intelligence.

Touch stimulates the other baby senses, speeding myelination of the brain and nervous system and promoting language development

It increases oxygen and nutrient flow to cells and thus increases the baby’s ability to learn.

It enhances neurological and muscle development.

It increases the body’s production of normal, beneficial hormones.

It reduces the production of cortisol.

It eases colic and gas problems.

It reduces the pain associated with constipation and teething.

A massage calms and soothes the baby.

A massage increases feel good hormones in parents as well.

So go ahead and give your baby a nice massage and enjoy yourself too. Don’t forget to read out article on “How to massage your baby”


Day 265, Quality Time with your Baby

The most magical part in any parents life is observing how the baby observes you and responds to you, as you teach them about their new world and as you two discover it together for them

This is so special … when your baby and you learn to communicate with each other, you develop a bond…. as you respond to your baby and re-enforce what they do … this is the basis of developing their self esteem.

Babies develop at their own pace and most often we ought to let them be. But there are certain things that can be done to help that growth and development from an early stage. Their first steps or their first words are an exciting phase in every parent’s life.

Babies develop physically and mentally. For moms who want the edge in Baby development here are a few tips.

Communicate with your Baby – It is important to communicate with your baby. Talk to your baby, smile at your baby, hold and cuddle your baby. This makes them feel secure, reassures their self esteem.

Play with your Baby – A new born can see only 10 to 14 inches away and also cannot see full color. Hold your baby close and also use toys with vibrant bright colours and exciting sounds. Babies love reacting to different sounds. Providing the right kind of stimuli for your new born is very important. Using these toys correctly can help eye muscle development, improve eye-hand co-ordination and over all aid in developing the fine motor skills which are used for all our daily activities from writing to tying a shoe lace.

Exercise with your Baby – Yes, believe it or not, research has shown that babies who are exposed  to exercise early in life tend to lead a healthier life style. Play gyms are a good place to help the baby stretch their arms and legs which would help development of these muscles and in turn will aid in developing the gross motor skills which are important for sitting up, crawling and finally walking and Babies are also encouraged to turn their head in different directions which in turn helps develop their neck muscles.

Do bear in mind that in the first year the infant’s brain grows rapidly and it is essential that parents select the right kind of stimuli to ensure optimum brain development. As the brain develops with the multiple connection of neurons, the more unstructured and variety of stimuli that is provided in the early years, the more neuron connections are made. The right kind of Toys and products must be selected as per the age and developmental stage of the baby.

Day 266 Your Baby’s First Poop

Unsure if your baby’s poop is the right colour? Or if it’s normal for her to poop 3-4 times a day or not poop at all? Relax! Being a new mom and handling a new born baby can be quite overwhelming sometimes. Everything your newborn goes through is new for first time mums as well and there could be a big question mark on what’s normal and what’s not. Here we explain the process of a newborns poop cycle. This will help a new mom understand the stages and will keep you more relaxed with regard to your baby’s well being.

At birth the stool has a blackish colour and this is called meconium. As the baby starts taking the colostrums the stools become greenish in colour by day two and three and as the milk transitions the stools will become a mustard yellow in colour. New born babies who are exclusively breast fed will have loose runny stools with a granular consistency. The baby may pass multiple stools a day or may not pass stools for multiple days. The first couple of weeks stools will also be erratic and your baby may pass a stool after every feed or after urinating, but this settles down by the time the baby is a month old and will eventually pass stools 3-4 times a day only.

If the baby is exclusively breast fed then this is normal. Additionally you must ensure that the baby is feeding well, and seems comfortable and relaxed.