Day 253, Week 37

Mom at Week 37

Let’s make this a more chilled out week for you, mom cause soon the little bundle of joy is going to enter the world and be a part of your life. How are you announce the arrival of the one you love the most in the world? Well it might be fun to plan it this week. You could go with a beautiful poster announcements, customised chocolates or cupcakes maybe? You could also look at getting some different baby announcement gifts ready as per your choice, budget and preference. So what will it be? Confused? Need some help with planning the birth announcement? Contact us at Awww and let us help you plan the best birth announcement kit ever.

 Your baby’s growth

Your baby is now a full grown mini human inside you. At this stage your baby may start getting hiccups which will cause rhythmic tapping movements in your abdomen.  You may be able to see your abdomen flutter and move and the sight is pretty amazing.This is the baby practicing breathing movements although the lungs are completely closed


Day 255, Newborn – All about Feeding

New born- All about Feeding!

A new mum is always looking after her new born baby making sure he/ she is safe, comfortable and peaceful.  Two of the most important baby related areas are feeding and sleeping. Let us now take you through the feeding and sleeping patterns in a baby.


For the first 8 weeks your baby will probably feed every 2-3 hours and this cycle will continue in the night as well. The new born stomach is very small, about the size of a marble and needs to be fed frequently.

For the first six months it is advisable to give the baby only breast milk. If breast milk is not an option then formula but this must be done only on the advice of the baby’s doctor. Post six months you can follow a weaning plan. Again do consult your doctor or a certified counsellor as this is the time of developing tastes, habits and also slowly acclimatising the gut which will help prevent allergies.

Feeding pattern

In the first few months the baby may take about 8-12 feeds every day. By about 6 months the baby would be taking 6-8 breast feeds every day. As you introduce solids, this will drop further. Ideally by the time your baby is about a year old he would take 4 solids and 2 milk feeds per day. If the baby is still on breast milk he may take an additional comfort feed as well.

Your baby thrives on routines and it is important that you set routines for the baby and follow them. Routines for feeding is what you can try and set in the first few months. Of course we do not mean that you need not feed your baby on demand but try and give importance to the baby’s schedule and routine above everything. A baby will generally be happy and playful if well rested and well fed and if the baby is tired, sleepy and hungry then he will tend to be more cranky and difficult to manage.

Day 257, Welcome home Mom & Baby

Pregnancy for most of us refers to a phase when a couple decides to start a family and plans various aspects around it in order to secure the future of the baby and themselves as a family. As a spectator you would look from afar and say its a beautiful phase, once the baby is born you would probably go all “Awww” on seeing the little bundle of joy. When an individual actually goes through this phase personally, the experience is a lot more different and the emotions attached are something you would have never experienced before.  I’m not saying this cause I have gone through the phase myself but I say this because for a living I actually go through most parts of the journey with several moms and their several different set of experiences day in an day out. So in a way I am am exposed to a whole set of different overwhelming emotions through the 9 months journey 🙂

Once the 9 months journey is complete and the baby is finally born I have seen all the anxieties of labour, pain and everything else that would make a couple nervous fly right out of the window. The baby in a way changes your very reason of existence. In India we celebrate weddings with a lot of fun fare and glamour. Its a day with lavish arrangements and its something we as individuals plan for very many year. Parents plan the day their kids would get married for years together by saving towards it, kids plan the way that all important day would go through by taking care of the smallest arrangements.

We at Awww plan your baby’s first steps into your home and into your lives. According to us your baby’s first moments in the world and your lives are equally important as a wedding or a birthday milestone celebration. I want to share an experience of planning once such beautiful baby homecoming ceremony. A father wanted to surprise this wife and baby and contacted us to plan this special moment. The night before the mum and baby were to be discharged the father informed us that the baby could possibly be suffering from typhoid and that he had lost his aunt that day and she was quite close to his wife. As most of us are aware this phase can be quite overwhelming for a new mother and she was going through a whole set of emotions mentally. The next day we were informed that the baby’s test results were fine and they were ready to be discharged. Their car was decorated and ready right below the hospital. As soon as they came out there was a sudden twinkle in the eyes of the Mum as she saw all the arrangements made to bring her and the baby home. As they drove home, their house was decorated with baby elements, photo memories and different milestones  as a couple, There were messages from their dear and near loved ones that were played out for the mum and baby to add to this special day. I had personally never seen so much of joy and emotion in a span of 1 hour. The Mum then recorded a message for her baby that tore us all up a little. From my team that was recording this video behind the lens, to her family members – everyone in that room was in tears when she spoke. She said she was really depressed before leaving the hospital and was feeling very emotional and this surprise made her feel soo happy and special as a woman and a mother and that she would do everything within her ability to give her baby the best life she could.

Women really go through a long journey to bring a new born into this world and this homecoming ceremony is worth every inch of smile on their faces. Its also the best welcome for the baby into your lives and a great memory for a lifetime! So lets plan to make this day special for the mom and your new born!

Here are moments from that special day.

See the video

Day 259, When do you go to Hospital?

In Labor – Finally !!!! – When to Go to the Hospital.

Before we begin talking about labour signs, let us first make you ponder upon one small question. What time of the day do you think most women go into labour? Ponder upon this……Here is your answer… It’s at night! And the main reason behind this is that the human body is in the most relaxed and rested form while sleeping at night. One of the main rules of labor is that the more relaxed a mom is the faster labor progresses, hence, in most cases labor would start when a mom is most relaxed which is in her sleep. Giving birth is a normal physiological function of the female body. That means that the body is tuned to know exactly what it has to do provided we leave it alone and not interfere with the natural processes. The human body is intelligent and it knows exactly what it needs to perform

For most mothers if early contractions start at night, they may go unnoticed and will take place while the mum is in her sleep. Early labor contractions feel like mild menstrual cramps. Usually mums feel them in their lower or upper abdomen, she may feel them like spasmic lower back pain or she may even have a feeling of overall weakness which comes and goes. It is imperative however for the mom to take notice if the amniotic fluid is leaking or if she finds herself spotting. In these cases she should immediately head to the hospital as she may actually be further along in labor than she actually feels.

There are 3 main areas that you should keep a check on to determine your labour stage- Frequency, Duration and Leaking. Let’s take you through what these actually mean.


Frequency means how far apart your contractions are. This is timed from the start of one contraction to the start of the next contraction. The closer the frequency of your contractions, the closer you are to delivering your baby.


Duration means the actual length of the contraction. This is measured as the time taken from the start of one contraction to the end of the same contraction. The longer the duration of your contraction, the closer you are to labour. You could request your husband or close family of friends to time these for you so you know the progress in labour.


Leaking refers to the amniotic fluid. This is your baby’s sterile environment and if you are leaking then it means that they baby is also susceptible to infections. Contact your doctor immediately if you’re leaking and inform them so that you can get to the hospital and the doctor can probably induce labor and deliver the baby.

Once you are on your way out to the hospital, pick your hospital bag and do not forget to pack in all the reports as the doctor may need to refer to the same.

Amniotic fluid is transparent and straw colored. If the fluid is brownish or greenish then your baby has passed stools and you should rush to the hospital immediately. Else you would have about 24 hours to deliver the baby. If your contractions have not started the doctor will administer medications to help induce labor. For most women the bag of waters breaks once labor starts.