Day 225, Week 33

Mom at Week 33

Since you are in the last few weeks of your pregnancy and your probably already hearing a lot about C section and natures birth, let’s give you soem perspective on the circumstances under which your doctor would opt for a C section. At times a mom may go into labor and then certain conditions may need to opt for a surgical birth. Some moms may just not go into labor and be over due, in this case if induction does not work then a C section is the only option. In few cases, a mom may go into labor but the cervix may not open and it is not possible to physically cut the cervix, hence the baby would have to be delivered by a C section. In other cases the mom may go into labor, the cervix would also open but the baby does not move down and that would result in a C section too. Also during the labor process if the baby shows signs of distress or the mom develops a temperature due to an infection or if her blood pressure shoots up, the doctor would go in for a C section procedure. If the condition is not an emergency the doctor will opt for a spinal block which means the mom can be awake and greet her baby at birth. If it is an emergency then the doctor will opt for general anesthesia and deliver the baby asap.

Moving away from the topic of C section, now is also an important time for you to look at  baby home proofing options. Your baby will begin crawling post 6-8 months and it’s important for you to get some professional knowledge on the subject and find out how this can be a saviour to you and your baby’s safety needs. Contact the experts at Awww and we will provide you a workshop session and a product kit that can be used at home to protect your baby from any dangers at home.

Your baby’s growth phase

Yayy!! your baby is now in the 33rd week and inching closer and closer to entering the world !! Last week we spoke about how the doctors would check on the baby to make sure the baby is assuming the head down position. By now the baby should have adopted the head down position which it will maintain till delivery. Also the baby’s football like kicks now become more subtle as there is less space for it to somersault in the uterus since the baby has increased in size.

Day 227, Sleep a lot during Pregnancy


Sleep a lot during pregnancy as that will help you be able to stay awake post delivery.


Sleeping well during pregnancy has no effect whatsoever on your sleeping pattern after delivery. Every individual needs a certain amount of sleep and rest hours every day. Post delivery your sleeping schedule maybe a little erratic. This happens because the baby would be used to being more awake at night and would sleep during the day as this is the cycle that the baby followed in the womb. It will take a while to change this around. New Moms would have to set a routine around the baby’s body clock cycle in order to make sure your baby is eating well and is settling down well. Hence in most cases your sleep schedule changes and you may find yourself not being able to get as much sleep. However this is a temporary phase and will get back to normal once the baby adapts to the life outside the womb. This however has got nothing to do with you adding on extra sleep hours during your pregnancy in order to make up for sleep after delivery.

Day 228, Sensory Stimulation Kit

Sensory Stimulation kit : From birth to 2 years

It is the only one of its kind in the market which provides stimulation to the various senses as early as day one of birth and can be used beyond two years of age as well with a little innovation.

The human brain starts as a single cell in utero and then these cells multiply into trillions of cells. However these are still very random cells and very few connections have been made. When these cells start wiring with each other the process is called synaptogenesis and about 83% of synaptogenesis will continue after birth. The more connections each cell makes the more developed the brain is. With sensory input the neurons get wired to other neurons and by the time the baby is about 3 years old there are 100 trillion connections. Different stimuli help establish different neural networks and hence the more repeated stimulation (sensory stimulation) the baby gets the circuits get strengthened.

We have five different senses – Sight, Hearing, Smell, Taste and Touch. With our sensory stimulation kit we are helping you stimulate these senses at the appropriate ages. Flash cards for visual stimulation, starting with black and white, then adding a color, and moving to pictures, alphabets, numbers and even counting skills. For developing the sense of smell special containers have been provided which our counselor will guide you on what to place in these containers. We also have touch cards which can be used to stimulate the sense of touch. As your baby grows you can seek guidance on how to stimulate the sense of taste.

Remember that the more the stimulation, and the more consistent and repetitive the stimulation the stronger the pathway. This pathway is then later utilised for various activities that humans need to do in terms of day to day life as well as achievement oriented activities.

For a complete session you may also want to take up the Brain Stimulation session which will guide you on various activities that you as parents can do to help stimulate the five senses.

Day 231, Back to Work

Motherhood is a life changing experience and having a baby is one of the most precious moments in a woman’s Life. The first few months have probably flown by and now the professional in you wants to return to work and focus your attention on your career and work towards enhancing all that you have achieved on the professional front. Naturally you would feel some anxiety and your heart will turn somersaults at the thought of leaving your little one behind in the care of others. Just a little planning and focus could help you make this transition much more smoother for you, your baby and your family members.

Maternity Leave :

•Ensure that you spend enough time at the onset to get breast feeding well established.

•Invest in a good breast pump and start using it to store milk for when you will go back to work.

•Establish routines that will make the transition smoother.

•Help the baby get accustomed to care givers.

Child Care :

Plan your child’s care at home and ensure it is reliable. This could be either a family member, a trustable nanny or a day care centre. Establish your points of contact and checks with the care givers in advance so that you are able to touch base with them while you are at work.

Getting Back to Work :

•Prior to the actual return, discuss your roles with your Manager and ensure that you familiarize yourself with any changes.

•Understand company policies on nursing breaks and how you would be able to express and store milk to carry home.

•Understand all policies for new mothers and if there are flexible working options which would suit you as you transition.

At Work :

•Express milk at least 2 to 3 times a day as this will help you to feel comfortable and ensure that you have enough to take home for the next day.

•Take care of your diet, making sure that it is healthy and wholesome. A diet which is not adequate can cause you to feel tired and lethargic.

•Plan a week’s meals in advance and complete a little pre-cooking over the weekends to avoid stress on work days.

•Take on as many commitments as you can manage realistically in the first few weeks and gradually add to your work load.

How to ensure that you are spending Quality time with your Baby ?

As a new mother who is just returning to work, one of the biggest concerns is anxiety at not being able to devote enough time to your little one. Here are some quick tips which will help you to spend Quality Time with your baby along with focusing on your career.

1.Always say “Bye” to your baby when you leave for work. This sets the pattern in the child’s mind that Mom will be leaving for work and will not cause anxiety. Do not be afraid of the few tears and tantrums that you face in the first few days.

2.Stay in touch with your baby, you can do this by maintaining contact with the care givers as well as through baby cameras and monitors.

3.When at home devote full attention to your baby. Resist the temptation to switch on your lap top or spend time on your phone.

4.Do not let guilt get in the way of discipline, never over indulge a child to compensate for your being away at work.

Remember Quality Time is not Quantity Time.

Being a Mother and a Professional does not make you less of a Person hence do find some time every week to focus on doing things which you enjoy. Spend time with your spouse, meet friends, focus some attention on a hobby, pull on your shoes for the gym workout or simply spend time pampering yourself at the spa or the salon. Giving yourself some Tender Loving Care will ensure that you do not get bogged down between being a Mother and your Career. It will help you to approach each day with a smile and enjoy each role that you have chosen to take on.