Day 218, Week 32


Pregnancy expeiences

Waking up in the middle of the night with some scary intense dreams? Don’t worry! Getting intense dreams is fairly normal and occurs in a light sleep state. Since pregnant mom’s are constantly find themselves waking up to urinate and al also since she is uncomfortable due to her growing belly and is not allowed to sleep on her back it can make her sleep light and disturbed.  You could use a good body pillow to help you sleep better, have some warm milk before you go off to sleep. Exercising and mediation can also help in this stage

Your baby’s growth

Whenever you have a doctor’s appointment going forward, the doctor will assess important factors like the baby’s position, heart rate and growth. The baby will now slowly start assuming the head down position as this is the ideal position for birth. Also now your baby is 42 cms long. There are fat layers beginning to form below the skin to form and if the baby is born now it will need to be placed in an incubator to regulate the body temperature.

Day 220, Heatburn


Experiencing a burning sensation in your chest? Heartburn, also known as acid reflux is a very common symptom in pregnancy because the hormone progesterone relaxes your muscles and stomach valve that keeps acid from getting into the eusophaegus.  Also the uterus takes more space in the abdominal cavity, in a way forces the stomach acids to enter the eusophaegus

You can take a few preventive measures yourself to help reduce or get rid of heartburn.

Avoid spicy and oily foods

Meals that are less oily and less spicy in nature should be preffered in order to avoid heartburns. You could lower the masala intake in food items and go for something for milder on your stomach.

Eat small frequent meals

Pregnant Moms would need to eat every 2-3 hour which means 6 meals. Follow the below mix of nutrients and food intake while timing them well in such a way that you eat more frequent small meals and avoid long gaps between the meals


Avoid food such as carbonated drinks, excess chocolate, caffeine, acidic and citrus food items, fried, fatty food items and processed meat.

Consult your doctor

If the problem still persists, it is best to take medications prescribed by the doctor

Day 224, Eating Gee will increase Breast Milk


Eating ghee and sugar post delivery will produce more milk.

Eating cold foods would result in cold breast milk

Eating food which is deemed gassy will cause the baby to have colic.


This is totally untrue. Ghee is a saturated fat. On the contrary, the increased intake of ghee, results in an increase in weight. Contrary to popular belief, eating a lot of ghee and sugar does not lead to more production of milk and it also does not make you stronger. It is advisable to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Make sure all food groups are consumed in moderation. Eating cold foods does not mean you would produce cold breast milk or eating foods which are deemed gassy will not cause the baby to have colic. However, if you eat too much of any one food or do not balance your meals then digestion may be a concern. There are no magic foods which produce more milk but there are some traditional foods which have been known to have galactagogue properties. These include fenugreek leaves and seeds, cumin seeds, papaya, oats and edible gum