Day 211, Week 31

Your Pregnancy Journey

Now that your uterus is growing in size, the weight falls on your body. You may find yourself getting tired around this period. Breathlessness is very common during this time of pregnancy. You may notice feeling exhausted doing normal every chores or when you indulge in simple activities like climbing the stairs, when you exert yourself or talk continuously. But do not worry, even though you feel breathless the oxygen to the baby is adequate.  You can do a few things to help you feel better in this phase

Deep Breathing

Make some time everyday to do some deep breathing. Concentrate on your breath as you breathe in and breathe out and this practice is not only good for you and your baby’s health but will also help you deal with pregnancy anxieties and breathlessness. Take a few moments! While climbing stairs mom should pause at every landing take a few deep breaths and then proceed further.


Exercises as suggested by your prenatal care provider can also help deal with the feeling of breathlessness. However along with breathlessness if you experience chest pain, cough or severely not being able to breathe you must call your doctor immediately. Try and prepare yourself with nursing wear and gowns so that you don’t have to run around once the baby is born. You must buy nursing inner garments nursing kurtis/gowns with zips. Look through our section on Awww to help you plan this well.

Your baby’s growth

As each week passes by our baby is getting ready to make its way into the world. Your bond with your baby is one of the most unique in the world and the baby feels and listens to everything along with his mom. It is a magical time and the wait will soon be over. The baby now weighs app. 1800 gms.

Day 213, Getting Tired During Pregnancy

Think you are exhausted and tired all the time? If yes its only cause you are going through a very normal phase in the initial stages of your pregnancy. Your body is going through a lot of changes and exhaustion is only a very natural outcome of it. Moms will also feel very sleepy and tired in this phase. After all your body is doing the mammoth task of making a new baby. Try and find time to power nap during the day time if possible. Do not behave like you are a super woman. Listen to your body. If you feel like resting then take some time off and rest.

It’s also ok to continue your normal routine during this time so that you stay active. There is no need to rest extra or avoid activities that you are normally used to as long as they are safe for pregnancy. For eg: If you were going to work you can continue to do so. However if you were scuba diving or playing tennis then you should avoid these activities.

Do not start a new exercise routine but if there was a routine that you were following and it is safe for pregnancy then it is ok to continue the same.

If you are not sure what to do then you can surely continue going for a walk. It is considered safe and will keep you active.

To help you relax invest in a good pregnancy body pillow that will provide comfort and support and will help you sleep better. In the first trimester you can also sleep in any position you find comfortable. Many moms can even sleep on their stomach.

Day 216, Pre-labor Symptoms

Worried about the process of labour and don’t know how your body would react to it? Relax! Giving birth is a normal physiological function of the female body. That means that the body is tuned to know exactly what it has to do provided we leave it alone and not interfere with the natural processes. The human body is intelligent and it knows exactly what it needs to perform.

Expectant mothers, especially first time moms fear the labour process and mentally it’s something that they keep thinking about. Mainly because they have not been through it before and it is the fear of the unknown. Also Labor over the years has been dramatized and hyped up by films, videos, photography and we tend to hear of stories handed down by our parents, grandparents, peers who have gone through their set of experiences. However it is important to remember that labor is not the same for everyone. Human bodies are different and what one person may experience maybe totally different from what another person experiences. In fact labor is unique for each mother and child pair as well. It means that your experience during your first birth can be totally different from your experience in the second time you give birth.

As you approach the last few weeks of your pregnancy, the baby starts taking the position for birth automatically. What is this position? Gravity helps by pulling the baby’s head which is the heavy part towards the pelvis. Also the baby naturally finds it comfortable to find space for his head in the pelvic cavity. The pressure on the cervix increases as the baby’s head descents downward thus making the cervix shorter and thinner.

Your abdomen at this point in times moves down lower from your rib cage zone thus creating pressure in the pelvis area. At this stage it is also normal to feel an increase in the number of Braxton-Hicks contractions since this is a sign that your body is practicing for the big day.  Also when you visit your doctor at this stage, they would be able to ascertain with a physical examination if the mother’s body is ready for the birth process.

Most times mother do not even notice these internal changes but here are some signs you could look out for – The frequent urge to empty her bowels, spasmic lower back pain. You would also notice a sudden rush of energy. You may feel like to want to clean the house, or go shopping, cook and in general would be really pumped up.

The above mentioned are just some signs and does not mean you are already in labour but make sure you are prepared if it were to happen anytime soon. Make sure your hospital bag is packed; your loved ones are in town and wait for the process to begin J