Day 176, Week 26

Your Pregnancy journey

As the stomach grows the pressure on the back increases and this can lead to back ache. Good posture is imperative to preventing back ache. Mom should ensure that she sits erect, pushes her chest out and throws her shoulders back a little. To facilitate this she can use a small pillow or a wedge pillow while sitting. The same wedge pillow can then be used to support her while sleeping. The same concepts of good posture should be applied while standing and walking. Mom should avoid slouching.

Invest in a good body pillow

As your proceed through your pregnancy, Your doctor would advice you to sleep on your sides and not your back. It’s a good time now to invest in a body pillow now and to make it a habit to start sleeping on your sides with the help of your pillow. (Contact Awww to get one today)


Exercising and walking increases the intake of oxygen supply to your body, keeps you healthy, active and positive and helps keep you fit. Sign up to a good prenatal exercise session and map out a schedule for a time to exercise with the experts taking care of your safety and customising an exercise plan for you as per your body’s needs and requirements (Contact Awww for more info)

Baby’s growth

We are sure that by now this weekly section is an exciting read to understand what happening to your baby. Well a few weeks earlier we mentioned a translucent paper skin developing on the body of your baby covering various organs. At this stage now the baby’s translucent, paper thin skin, changes and is gradually becoming opaque.

Day 178, Skincare from Awww


Skin problems in pregnancy is another common symptom that most pregnant moms face. It’s nothing that you should be too worried or upset about. This is one of the skin changes that happen due to hormonal changes.  The reason why this happens is because the sebacous glands in the skin become overactive and release more oily substances. During pregnancy it is recommended that mums only use organic products that not contain any chemicals. Hence in order to help you in this phase we have devised trimester wise facial plans.

Visit our services section on the Awww Products and services page and book your appointment with our therapist today. We recommend a mix of four facials per trimester of your pregnancy and we have top recommendations depending upon the skin issues pregnant mom’s face.

There are also other day to day things that you could do to deal with skin problems,

Face wash

Make sure that face is washed well and use a non-medicated and non-perfume face wash. Make sure you pat the skin after washing it and not scrub it cause thaty could irritate it further

Make up

Do not prick or poke the pimples or zits. If you do use make up opt for water based makes up and not oil based because that could lead to excessive blocking of the pores.

Balanced diet and fluid intake

Drink plenty of water so you are hydrates and your pores clean out. Equally important are your fruits and vegetables. They provide vitamins and minerals which help to support a healthy pregnancy. Of course they are also low in calories and hence can be eaten in plenty. Ensure that you have a minimum of five servings from the fruits and vegetables category.  They will help keep you healthy and help keep away acne.

Over the counter medication

A lot of acne treatment creams available over the counter have certain ingredients that maybe considered harmful for your baby and you during pregnancy. Stay clear of those creams and prescriptions. Instead consult a Pregnancy skin expert and let them guide you on the safe products that can be used during Pregnancy. Contact Awww today to get skin expert advice during Pregnancy

Day 181, Whole wheat spagetthi with Vegetables


Whole Wheat Spaghetti with Vegetables in Almond Sauce is a truly attractive dish replete with colourful and crunchy veggies, a luscious almond sauce and of course, whole wheat spaghetti. We have avoided pasta made from refined flour and used a limited quantity of whole wheat spaghetti instead, to make this dish as nutritious as can be for the mother-to-be!
Use your discretion to toss in as many scrumptious veggies as you wish to, as these not only make the dish attractive and tasty but also provide you enough fibre and antioxidants. The almonds make this delicacy rich in vitamin E, while a little amount of cheese adds calcium to create a thoroughly satisfying meal. When you yearn for pasta during pregnancy, try having this mouth-watering creation, occasionally and in limited serving size. –

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