Day 162, Week 24

Your Pregnancy Journey

Experiencing swelling in your feet? Feeling like you can’t fit any of your footwear? Are you uncomfortable with anything you wear to go out? Well dot fret, this is completely normal. In your third trimester most moms will experience swelling in their feet around the ankles and toes. It is also natural to go up by atleast one shoe size. The additional weight you carry in the baby tend to flatten your feet and the hormone relaxin tends to relax the muscles in your body including your feet which account for an increase in the length of your feet. Well you don’t need to worry about the problem anymore. Awww has the perfect solution for you. Invest in a pair of specifically designed pregnancy shoes that come with insole cushioning and flexi leather belt that stretches and contracts to accommodate any increase in foot size and any swelling. The shoes are also specially crafted to offer you the best grip in the form of soles and we would advise you to wear this post delivery while carrying the baby as well. So go on a buy your maternity shoe pair from your shopping section.

Baby’s growth

Your baby is now about 32 cms long and weighs app. 500 gms. The top of the uterus which is called the fundus now reaches your navel. Most of your baby’ organs are almost developed but the lungs are not yet fully mature and hence the baby still needs the protection and safety of the uterus to survive. The baby will find it difficult to survive outside the uterus.

Day 164, Eating out Made Healthy

In today’s fast paced world – We all find ourselves frequently eating out. If we could choose healthy options then we could have our cake and eat it too. Here are some quick tips to ensure that you can enjoy your night out and not compromise on your health.

1. Stay away from Buffets – A Buffet generally has a large variety and this leads to over eating. You will surely cross your calorie requirement. Excess calories always get stored in your body as fats and hence leads to weight gain.

2. Smart Starters – Order the baked, grilled, roasted options. Avoid fried. Order limited quantity as these can fill you up.

3. Super Soups – Choose a soup which has the actual vegetable or meat pieces and not strained. Stay away from creamed soup as these pack on extra calories.

4. Mmmm Main Course – Read the menu carefully and opt for the non-creamy dishes. Plan your meal to include unrefined carbohydrates, vegetables and a serving of protein as well. This will ensure that you have a balanced intake.

5. Delightful Desserts – Here is where we spread the love. If desserts must be ordered then always think about sharing.

Choosing the right restaurant is very important. Book your table in advance so that you do not have to wait too long. Waiting makes you hungry and this results in binge eating. Pregnant moms and children should eat a healthy snack before they head to the restaurant. Check with the restaurant in advance about options for children if you have kids going to the restaurant with you.

Children get bored very easily. Carry a few simple entertainment options with you. Ask for the high chair in the restaurant so that your child can sit in one place and not create a nuisance. A simple suggestion for young children is to use the car seats strapped onto the restaurant chairs if a high chair option is not available.

Day 165, Tips for Maternity Photoshoot

Awww believes in creating the most Awww-some experience for its Parents to be. Capture those early pregnancy moments, flaunt that baby bump, and utilize our expertise with props, wardrobe styling and concept ideas for that perfect maternity photo shoot you always wanted.

In order to get ready for the photoshoot you have been dreaming of make sure you arrange for the following-

1) Narrow down on Pastel shade outfits for your photoshoot. Either gowns or tops but stick to pastel shades as they tend to make pictures look good.

2) If you like something in particular that have you seen before, let our team about it so we can prepare to shoot with you on similar lines before the actual day of the shoot.

3) Keep yourself hydrated with plenty water so that your skin looks fresh and there is a natural glow

4) It maybe fun to also think about a few poses on how you would like to flaunt that baby bump, individual and couple poses

5) Get plenty of rest and a good night sleep the previous day

6) If you like you can also choose from a list of facial services available from Awww. Our therapist can come down a day before and help you so you are ready for the big day

7) You could also think of relaxing and pampering yourself further by indulging in a good pregnancy massage. Contact us at Awww and we will bring our expert therapists to you to help you relax before your photoshoot

8) The most important point of all. Stay happy, and think about how beautiful this pregnancy phase is and leave the rest to the experts at Awww!

Here is the list of deliverables we help you with for the Basic Pregnancy Photoshoot Plan from Awww.

Maternity Photoshoot at our well equipped studio for Rs 8500 only.

1) Unlimited Props for the Mom to be

2) Professional make up for our Mom to be.

3) 2-3 dress changes.

4) Wardrobe consultancy and idea generation

5) 15 touched up photos edited by our team.

Call us today to know more! Let’s make this a memory to cherish for a lifetime!

To book this service right away, visit our services tab under the Awww Products and Services page.