Day 141, Week 21

Your Pregnancy Journey

Experiencing a burning sensation in your chest? Heartburn, also known as acid reflux is a very common symptom in pregnancy because the hormone progesterone relaxes your muscles and stomach valve that keeps acid from getting into the eusophaegus.  Also the uterus takes more space in the abdominal cavity, in a way forces the stomach acids to enter the eusophaegus.

You can take a few preventive measures yourself to help reduce or get rid of heartburn.

Avoid spicy and oily foods

Meals that are less oily and less spicy in nature should be preffered in order to avoid heartburns. You could lower the masala intake in food items and go for something for milder on your stomach.

 Eat small frequent meals

Pregnant Moms would need to eat every 2-3 hour which means 6 meals. Follow the below mix of nutrients and food intake while timing them well in such a way that you eat more frequent small meals and avoid long gaps between the meals

Avoid food such as carbonated drinks, excess chocolate, caffeine, acidic and citrus food items, fried, fatty food items and processed meat.

Consult your doctor

If the problem still persists, it is best to take medications prescribed by the doctor

Baby’s growth

This week you baby will have the urge to start kicking and tossing inside the uterus. It is very normal for your baby at this point in time to kick all over the place and just have a good time moving freely in your amniotic fluid. The baby is still small weighing only app.450gms. You may also begin to notice a pattern in the movement of your baby. It’s a great time and an amazing feeling. So enjoy it!

Day 143, Fatigue

Energy levels in the second trimester are high and technically this is the best trimester. We however do advise moms to listen to their body. They are doing a huge job of making the baby and if the body is asking them to rest then they should just drop everything and rest.

Most moms will be able to complete the daily routine at this time without any difficulty. If a mom is feeling fatigued then she should investigate her haemoglobin levels. There could be low iron levels that contribute to the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

There are few things that you could look into and inspect in order to check if its normal fatigue or if its related to some deficiencies in the body during pregnancy

Low iron

Low iron is a characteristic of the second trimester and if the supplements have not been started or if the mom is skipping them she may feel exceptionally fatigued.

Blood pressure fluctuations

Fatigue may also be caused by fluctuating blood pressure levels. It’s advisable to check your levels with your doctor from time to time.

Thyroid evaluation

Finally investigating the thyroid function is also a good idea if all other reasons have been evaluated.

Eating healthy

Ensure that you are healthy balanced diet. Sometime if the mum does not receive enough nutrients this could also lead to low energy levels. Planning your meals means first understanding the different food groups. The base of every diet is the carbohydrates. These include your rotis, rice, breads, pastas and in general all cereals. These provide the fibres and also the nourishment to build every part of your baby. Ensure that you have minimum six or maximum eleven servings per day from this group. Equally important are your fruits and vegetables. They provide vitamins and minerals which help to support a healthy pregnancy. Ofcourse they are also low in calories and hence can be eaten in plenty. Ensure that you have a minimum of five servings from the fruits and vegetables category. The proteins are called the building blocks of cells and it is important to consume 2 to 3 servings of protein per day. Proteins help the baby to grow and also help optimum brain development. Calcium forms the baby’s skeletal system and the teeth and hence 3 servings of milk or milk products is ideal. Fats, oils and sweets should be kept to a minimum. A maximum of two tablespoons of oil/butter/malai/ghee should be consumed and frying of food should be completely avoided. If you have a sweet tooth try and find healthy alternatives or have a small portion. Restrict your intake of tea, coffee and other cola drinks as these interfere with iron absorption. Along with a healthy diet it is also important to not ignore your supplements which have been prescribed by the doctor. Remember to take them regularly without fail.

Day 147, Increased Sex Drive

The felling of have an increased sex drive in the second trimester of your pregnancy is absolutely normal and if you’re feeling the same there’s no need to worry

For most pregnancies sexual intercourse is allowed. However it is prudent to discuss your case with the doctor. What is important to remember if you get the go ahead that you do not put pressure on the abdomen. This can be achieved by the father being in the doggy style, or the woman on top or side ways. If you find this uncomfortable or are overly concerned you can think of other non invasive methods to pleasure each other. Most women do find intercourse uncomfortable due to vaginal dryness and you could use a lubricant. Ensure that you do not try any incorrect postures or rectal intercourse as this can cause infections. Intercourse is generally allowed between week 12 to week 35. Post week 35 most doctors will ask you to abstain as it increases the possibility of vaginal infections. It can also lead to infection passing to the baby if your water bag were to break. It is also important to abstain from nipple stimulation during intercourse as this can lead to pre term labor especially post week 28. If you find that your nipples are leaking don’t worry this is absolutely normal. Additionally you may want to ask your partner to avoid touching your breasts as they may be sensitive.