Day 127, Week 19

Mom’s body changes

Energy levels in the second trimester are high and technically this is the best trimester. We however do advise moms to listen to their body. They are doing a huge job of making the baby and if the body is asking them to rest then they should just drop everything and rest.

Most moms will be able to complete the daily routine at this time without any difficulty. If a mom is feeling fatigued then she should investigate her haemoglobin levels. There could be low iron levels that contribute to the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.

There are few things that you could look into and inspect in order to check if its normal fatigue or if it’s related to some deficiencies in the body during pregnancy

Low iron

Low iron is a characteristic of the second trimester and if the supplements have not been started or if the mom is skipping them she may feel exceptionally fatigued.

Blood pressure fluctuations

Fatigue may also be caused by fluctuating blood pressure levels. It’s advisable to check your levels with your doctor from time to time.

Thyroid evaluation

Finally investigating the thyroid function is also a good idea if all other reasons have been evaluated.

Eating healthy

Ensure that you are healthy balanced diet. Sometime if the mum does not receive enough nutrients this could also lead to low energy levels. Planning your meals means first understanding the different food groups. The base of every diet is the carbohydrates. These include your rotis, rice, breads, pastas and in general all cereals. These provide the fibres and also the nourishment to build every part of your baby. Ensure that you have minimum six or maximum eleven servings per day from this group. Equally important are your fruits and vegetables. They provide vitamins and minerals which help to support a healthy pregnancy. Ofcourse they are also low in calories and hence can be eaten in plenty. Ensure that you have a minimum of five servings from the fruits and vegetables category. The proteins are called the building blocks of cells and it is important to consume 2 to 3 servings of protein per day. Proteins help the baby to grow and also help optimum brain development. Calcium forms the baby’s skeletal system and the teeth and hence 3 servings of milk or milk products are ideal. Fats, oils and sweets should be kept to a minimum. A maximum of two tablespoons of oil/butter/malai/ghee should be consumed and frying of food should be completely avoided. If you have a sweet tooth try and find healthy alternatives or have a small portion. Restrict your intake of tea, coffee and other cola drinks as these interfere with iron absorption. Along with a healthy diet it is also important to not ignore your supplements which have been prescribed by the doctor. Remember to take them regularly without fail.

Baby’s Growth

Your baby’s cartilage is now starting to harden to form bones. The baby is forming tooth buds for his permanent teeth. Your baby’s brain is also beginning to rapidly develop in this week. The baby is beginning to develop sensory organs for smell, touch, hearing, vision, taste. It is advisable for the parents to speak to the baby during this time so the baby hears their voices and begins to recognise that. It helps develop a bond between the parent and baby while the  baby is in his mothers womb.

Day 129, Pregnancy Shopping List

Shopping for Pregnant Moms

The ‘it’ list BEING pregnant and having a baby is probably one of the most exciting phases of a woman’s life. There are many doubts, queries and concerns, but alongside, there is also the expectation of a beautiful new phase of life. Naturally, shopping is a very important part of this experience. For all the expecting mommies out there, Awww has compiled an experts’ list of must-haves during expectancy:

1. MATERNITY BRAS: This is a very wise investment. The first pregnancy change even before you miss your period is breast changes. The breast becomes tender and sore, and the areola darkens. It is important to wear the right bra for comfort and to prevent sagging. You may have to change sizes frequently, so don’t buy too many pieces. Always remember to try them on before buying.

2. MASSAGE LOTION: Pregnancy changes are most prominent in the abdomen, breast and buttocks. Use a vitamin E based massage oil or lotion from the 12th week on to help reduce the incidence of stretch marks. You can continue using this even post delivery.

3. MATERNITY CLOTHES: You may be able to use your regular clothes up to the 5th month, but invest in a couple of maternity pants and jeans which you can mix and match with various tops. Choose basic and neutral colours as this will help you to stretch your wardrobe. 4. SUPPORT BELT: This can be helpful in the third trimester when the uterus becomes heavy and you feel a lot of pressure on the pelvis. It is generally recommended for mothers carrying multiples or for petite moms who are carrying a large baby.  Contact Awww for details on this today

5. SUPPORT PILLOW: Shaped like a wedge, this pillow supports the abdomen when you sleep and can offer lumbar support when you sit.  Contact Awww for details on this today

6. BODY PILLOW: A body pillow will help support your back and your legs when you sleep. The pillow also helps you to maintain your side sleeping position and will prevent you from rolling over on your back. Contact Awww for details on this today

7. MATERNITY SHOES:  Imagine a pair of shoes to accommodate your foot swelling problems! Presenting special maternity shoes from Awww! Not only do these look good but are specially designed for your pregnancy and post pregnancy needs. The shoes have Cushioned insoles with Anti skid soles and a Flexi leather band that expands and contracts as per swelling and increase in foot size during pregnancy.

Day 131, Maternity Photoshoot from Awww

Maternity Photoshoot services from Awww!

Awww believes in creating the most Awww-some experience for its Parents to be. Capture those early pregnancy moments, flaunt that baby bump, utilize our expertise with props, wardrobe styling and concept ideas for that perfect maternity photoshoot you always wanted.

Here is the list of deliverables.

Maternity Photoshoot at our well equipped studio for Rs 8500 only.

1) Unlimited Props for the Mom to be

2) Professional make up for our Mom to be.

3) 2-3 dress changes.

4) Wardrobe consultancy and idea generation

5) 15 touched up photos edited by our team.

Call us today to know more! Let’s make this a memory to cherish for a lifetime!

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Day 133, Pregnancy & Bed Rest


Pregnancy and being on Bed Rest

You have missed your period and your heart skips a beat. All those months of planning and it looks like the dream is now a reality. The home pregnancy test is positive and you schedule a visit to the doctor. Pregnancy is going to be fun, eating for two, getting pampered, feeling the flutters and in general wearing the pregnancy glow. But at times this may not really go as per the plan. You might be faced with a pregnancy complication which puts a damper on the spirits and you find yourself and your life at a stand still when you hear the word Bed Rest. Naturally every woman wants the best for her baby and so do you but here are some tips on how to make the most of this time that you are technically under house arrest.

It is cliché but keep your chin up. This is a short period and it will pass. And before you know it you will have a healthy baby. It is important to understand from your doctor your range of movements. Are you confined to the house, to the bed, the bed in an elevated position ? Once you have clarity on this it will be easier to plan your activities.

Call in the support from family and friends. They can help come in and spend time with you since you cannot move out with them. Rent movies, read books and yes even take up a hobby. You will be surprised at the number of activities that you can do lying in bed and you might pick up a new skill as well.

But besides all this don’t forget to Exercise. Yes you did read correctly. Women who are on bed rest can also do some gentle movements safely and this helps keep the circulation going and makes you feel more positive. Here are some movements which would be allowed. However it is still best to check with your doctor before you get started.

1. Deep Breathing : This helps to tone the lungs and the abdomen. Besides this it provides oxygen and also helps to de stress you. In fact deep breathing has been used in various forms of meditation across various cultures. You can do this in a lying down position as well. Just imagine that you have to fill your lungs and abdomen with air and then exhale slowly. All the time ensuring that you do not hold your breath.

2. Wrist Rotations : You can do this lying down or sitting up. Gently circle your wrists – clock wise and then anti-clockwise.

3. Finger Flex : Stretch your fingers and then curl up your fists into a tight ball. Repeat a few times.

4. Ankle Rotations – Again you can do this lying down or sitting up. Gintly circle your ankles – clock wise and then anti-clockwise.

5. Feet Flex – Point and flex your toes to give your calves a gentle but effective workout.

6. Shoulder shrugs – If you are allowed to sit up then shrugging your shoulders up and down and also doing wide shoulder circles first clock wise and then anti clockwise can help remove kinks from the neck and the upper back.

7. Neck rotations – Gently circle your head first clock wise and then anti- clockwise.

8. Kegels – Check with your doctor before you attempt this pelvic floor exercise. It is very simple, imagine that you have to stop the flow of urine. The muscles used to achieve this are your pelvic floor muscles. Never attempt to do this exercise while urinating as you could damage your bladder muscles. You can do 50-75 kegels everyday.

Being on Bed Rest is tough but with gentle exercise in the range of movements which are permitted you can help yourself feel comfortable as well as prepare your body for birth and a faster post partum recovery.