Day 120, Week 18

Your Pregnancy Journey

Experiencing food cravings? Food cravings in pregnancy are quite normal.  A midnight snack or a mid day craving is something your body call out for and its nothing to be worried about. Some mums experience cravings towards something they like and some experience cravings towards something that they don’t prefer all that much. All of which is very natural. Some Moms have a cravings for sweet, some have a cravings for something tangy in nature. Other moms crave junk food, cold desserts, yogurts so on and so forth.

A mom experiences food cravings when there is a deficiency in the mom’s nutrient levels. For eg: Some moms crave tangy food and these are foods which are high in vitamin C. Iron levels drop during pregnancy and vitamin C helps the body to absorb more iron and hence naturally asks for the mother to eat more of vitamin C foods. Make sure you follow a balanced nutritious diet to help curb cravings.

Your baby’s growth

Beginning to feel your baby’s first magical moments? Thos initial baby movements during this time make your baby seem much more real and in high spirits than the images on the ultrasound you are used to seeing. The movements would usually feel like gas bubbles or flutters. In most cases you may just think it’s indigestion but it’s actually your baby that you can now feel within you. Your baby now measures approximately 20cms and is much more active. You maybe also in for a bigger treat. If you’re lucky during an ultrasound you may see your baby grasping the umbilical cord or sucking its thumb.

Day 122, Breast Changes

Breast changes in the 2nd trimester

By now you are noticing a few changes in your body, in your bottocks, waist etc. Your breasts will also change in size and will feel tender and sore at different parts of your pregnancy.

Usually once a pregnant mom reaches the 2nd trimester, she experiences an increase in her cup size. This usually goes up by one or more sizes.

Hence by the second trimester mom may need a change in the bra size

This size will change till week 35 after which it will be more stable and will change back post breast feeding.

By the third trimester, Your breasts may also leak colostrum. However the presence or absence of colostrum during pregnancy is not indicative of the amount of breast milk you will produce in the post natal period.

It is suggested that you wear a good supportive bra all thru pregnancy and also post delivery. This helps tremendously. It is suggested that you wear a good supportive bra all through pregnancy and also post delivery. Make sure you pick a bra that fits you well, the cup must completely cover the breast and additionally choose cotton straps and not elastic ones so that the breasts are supported well and there is less room for a wiggle. After you try them on, bounce in them a bit and if you feel comfortable then that is the size for you. It is advisable to buy just a couple at a time and not too many as the size would change progressively. Post delivery while breast feeding do not wear under wires.

It is also good that you do some chest exercises which can help prevent sagging.

Day 124, Pre Natal & Post Natal Massages

Pre natal massages and Post natal massage therapists from Awww

Pre Natal Massage- A prenatal massage relieves the “mother to be” from aches and pains. A pregnant woman experiences pain or swelling in their lower back, abdomen, head, feet etc. A good therapist can ease swelling and pain thus providing comfort to the “to be mother” and helping her relax.

Prenatal massages help increase oxygen in the blood. It helps in blood circulation through all the parts of the body thus ensuring enough oxygen and nutrients reach the mum and baby. It helps to tone the muscles of the body and helps ease sciatic pain. Most women face sleepless nights in pregnancy and prenatal massages helps in relaxing the mother thus decreasing insomnia. Pregnancy massages also help during depression and eases stress in the mind of mums thus helping them feel better.

Post Natal Massage- Post-delivery, some new mothers experience depression. A good professional therapist with the help of a good post natal massage can help the mother feel good, relaxed and happy which automatically releases endorphins – “feel good hormones” that help tackle depression. A post natal massage helps increase blood circulation, relaxes tense muscles and helps the mother get back into their pre pregnancy shape.

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Day 126, Changes in her body


Body Changes- 2nd trimester

Yes, it’s that exciting part of your pregnancy where you would begin to notice a few changes in your body and the way it functions.  You are a pregnant mom, there’s a new life growing inside you and these changes are only normal to experience. This article is meant to give you a brief overview on the body changes you are likely to experience and a few measures you can take to make this change more comfortable

In the first trimester there is no visible bump and pregnant mums will be able to hide the same. This is because the uterus is still in the pelvic cavity. However since it has started to grow it puts a little pressure on the bladder which accounts for the need to urinate frequently. This need to urinate frequently also happens due to the hormone relaxin which causes the bladder muscles to relax. This means that the bladder does not understand that it is empty or full and many a times mums will fell the need to urinate more frequently

Belly size

By week twenty the uterus has reached the belly button. Traditionally weeks of gestation would be counted by measuring the size of the uterus in centimetres. A doctor would generally measure the mothers abdomen with a measuring tape and determine the due date or the gestation age.

It is difficult for mom to hide the news now.


The moms buttock size also increases as the pelvis stretches to accomodate the growing baby and uterus. Many Indian myths state that if the buttocks are growing then the mom is carrying a girl and if the abdomen is growing then the mom is carrying a boy. However this is only a myth.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks also generally make an appearance in the second trimester. As the uterus grows the skin also stretches and when it can stretch no more it results in a stretch mark.

Dental Check up

The second trimester is also a good time to get a dental check up and clean up done. Most moms will experience bleeding and or spongy gums. This is again due to the hormone relaxin. Since the gums are spongy there is a possibility of build up of plaque and tarter and this can lead to pre term contractions or early labor. It is also advisable for the mom to massage her gums after every brushing as well as ensure that she uses a soft tooth brush.

Back aches

As the stomach grows the pressure on the back increases and this can lead to back ache. A Good posture is imperative in order to prevent back ache. Moms should ensure that she sits erect, pushes her chest out and throws her shoulders back a little. To facilitate this she can use a small pillow or a wedge pillow while sitting. The same wedge pillow can then be used to support her while sleeping. The same concepts of good posture should be applied while standing and walking. Moms should avoid slouching during this phase and maintain an erect posture as far as possible.