Day 106, Week 16

Your Pregnancy journey

You should be looking at getting some real good “Mom Time’ in this week. Relax yourself and indulge in a prenatal massage. Pre natal massages have tonnes of benefits to pregnant and new mums. You have to however make sure that you sign up with a professional therapist who is qualified and knows what she needs to do while looking after the safety and comfort of the mum and baby.

A professional qualified pregnancy therapist is aware about the pressure points need to be worked upon. She knows the pressure points that will provide relief to the mum and starts the process with caution and care.

A prenatal massage relieves the “mother to be” from aches and pains. A pregnant woman experiences pain or swelling in their lower back, abdomen, head, feet etc. A good therapist can ease swelling and pain thus providing comfort to the “to be mother” and helping her relax.

Prenatal massages help increase oxygen in the blood. It helps in blood circulation through all the parts of the body thus ensuring enough oxygen and nutrients reach the mum and baby. It helps to tone the muscles of the body and helps ease sciatic pain. Most women face sleepless nights in pregnancy and prenatal massages helps in relaxing the mother thus decreasing insomnia. Pregnancy massages also help during depression and eases stress in the mind of mums thus helping them feel better. Please make sure you only call on a professional therapist for these massages and make sure you get a go ahead from your doctor before you call on this service.  Contact us at Awww to avail of this service today!

Your baby’s growth

This week your heart will skip a beat. Why you ask? During your doctor’s visit you will undergo an ultrasound and you will be able to see your baby for the first time. Lanugo which is known as fine hair is now starting to form all over your baby’s body. Your baby also has fingernails and toenails. It is now 16cms in length and weighs app.135 gms

Day 108, Fruits, Vegetables, Water & Essentials

Fruits, vegetables, water are essentials in your Pregnancy!

I am sure that you have heard this enough number of times – “The baby is eating what you are eating”. This is one of the most common statements that are repeated time and again to pregnant moms by well meaning family and friends. Most of us do know that eating right is helping the baby develop physically and mentally. Besides this it also helps the mom to stay fit and healthy, gain the right amount of weight and have a better birth experience. But then there are so many foods out there, so what exactly am I supposed to concentrate on? A Balanced Diet, Yes. But besides this a special focus on some of the vital nutrients would be great as well.

Fruits and vegetables are loaded with valuable vitamins and minerals. Also they are low in calories and hence can be consumed in larger quantities to satiate hunger. Whenever you are hungry you may want to have a fruit or a salad. Choose a wide range of colors as in some senses every color denotes a different nutrient. It does not mean that you have to eat every color every day but over a week have as many colors as possible. Vegetables and Fruits should be of a multitude of colors.  A rainbow diet is what is recommended.  The recommendation is 2 servings minimum from fruits and 3 servings from vegetables per day. Each serving is considered as about 100 grams of the fruit or vegetable. Do not fry your vegetables as this will kill the nutrition value. A juice or soup without the fibre is also very low in nutrition so try and eat your fruits and veggies and not drink them. If you do feel like drinking a juice or soup make sure that you do not strain it. Vegetables and Fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and help you to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Water is a must for absorption of nutrients and also to ensure that you do not get dehydrated. Mild dehydration can result in pre term contractions hence ensure that you keep that bottle of water close to you and keep sipping. A minimum of two litres and then drinking to thirst is the rule to follow.

Supplements prescribed by your doctor must not be ignored. They ensure that any dietary deficiency is taken care of but they are not considered a substitute for a healthy diet.

Day 109, Importance of Fats in Pregnancy

Importance of Fats in a Pregnant moms Diet

Pregnancy is considered to be the most important phase in a woman’s life. It is the foundation to future generations literally. When a woman is pregnant there is a lot of advice provided on what to eat and how much to eat and what’s good for the mum and baby and what’s not. Pregnant Moms need to eat every 2-3 hours which means six meals. Three would be main meals and three are considered as snacks. Let’s start with the basic concept of making a food plate. These would be your main meals. Each of your main meals must contain all the five food groups – Carbohydrates, Vegetables/Fruits, Protein, Milk Protein and Fats. All of these nutrients work in tandem with each other and hence there is maximum nutrient absorption

In this article we will look at the importance of fats in a pregnant mum’s diet.

Fats are an important part of your diet as well. Fats are also considered a nutrient as they aid in the absorption of fat soluble vitamins – A, D, E and K.  The total intake of fats in a 24 hour period is 6 tspns which includes all the oil in your cooking, the ghee on your rotis and the butter on your bread. Hence this naturally leaves no room for fried foods. It is best that fats are obtained from unsaturated sources like almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, olive oil etc and very little amounts from saturated sources like butter, ghee, malai, cooking oil etc. Excessive consumption of saturated fats will raise your cholestrol levels and also result in excessive weight gain. Saturated fats do sneak in even in red meats, chicken if consumed with the skin, egg yellow, and some sea foods if consumed in excess. Very limited use of saturated fats like vegetable oil, butter and ghee is recommended. Consumption of ghee especially in the ninth month is not going to make the delivery easier. This is a very common myth and many pregnant moms are encouraged to consume a lot of ghee in the last few weeks to ease the labor process. In fact all that will happen is excessive weight gain and this may make the delivery all the more difficult.

Day 110, Basic Pregnancy Care Plan from Awww

Basic Pregnancy Care Plan from Awww for Rs. 17/day

Traditionally, when a couple finds out they are pregnant they turn to different areas to gather information, products, and services in order to help them prepare for their baby’s arrival. This process can be cumbersome, nerve wrecking and you may not always end up getting the best for yourself and your baby. We at Awww promise you the best! We believe that the right information, product or service, delivered in the right quantity and at the right time is key to a stress free pregnancy.

The thought of coming up with a service like this stemmed from the very fact that many of our friends and family, were deprived of certain products and services that could have made this phase more comfortable. This need gap is what gave rise to Awww! Awww promises to walk hand in hand with you through this magical journey

In order to help pregnant mom’s all over the country we have out together a very economical basic Pregnancy Care Plan that take care of the moms mental and physical anxieties throughout the course of 9 months of her pregnancy. You can book this service directly from our Awww Services section and leave it to Awww to care of everything you need!


Day 112, Walnut Sheera Recipe


You would have tasted sheeras made out of various flours or semolina. Here is a unique sheera made with walnuts! It has a fantastic texture and interesting flavour that is worth savouring. Just place a spoonful of the Walnut Sheera on your palate and keep it there for a few seconds to enjoy the special taste.

However, take care not to have more than 1 to 2 tbsp a day, as this is quite a rich treat despite the low amounts of ghee and sugar used in the recipe. Even this quantity is enough to do wonders for you, as walnuts are rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which help in the overall development of the baby, especially in the early months of pregnancy. It also abounds in the antioxidant vitamin E, which helps the body to get rid of harmful free radicals.

If you are looking out for more nutritious calcium and protein rich recipes for pregnancy check these out Multiflour Idli , Chick Pea Tikkis , Stuffed Paneer Green Pea Paratha and Palak, Methi and Corn Subzi –

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