Day 64, Week 10

Your Pregnancy Journey

In week 10 mums may experience an increase in their cup size and would need to get a bigger bra size. They also may experience an increase in their waist line and may need to start wearing more comfortable maternity clothing. Moms would also need to buy maternity under garments to provide support and prevent any sagging. The uterus is growing rapidly and is now almost as big as an orange. It is still within the pelvic cavity hence pregnancy is still not visible to others.

There is the urge to urinate frequently and you may be surprised since the uterus is not yet large. However hormonal changes are causing the bladder muscles to relax. Due to this the bladder is not able to empty completely and hence may cause the need to urinate frequently. Also in the 1st trimester the uterus presses against your bladder which also causes frequent urination.

Baby’s growth

Your baby is growing rapidly and will soon form into a tiny little person. The baby’s fingers and toes are no longer webbed at this point. The baby’s ankles and wrists are formed and the fingers and toes are clearly visible. The baby is now 4-5 cms long.

The baby’s jaw bones are also beginning to form at this stage along with their future teeth.

Day 65, Frequent Urination

Feeling the need to frequently urinate and can’t figure what’s going on! Relax! You are perfectly normal. This mostly takes place in the 1st trimester somewhere around the 6th week.

It can be disturbing if you are in the middle of something and can’t find a ladies restroom to release the pressure.

There is the urge to urinate frequently and you may be surprised since the uterus is not yet large. But hormonal changes are making the bladder muscles also relax. Due to this the bladder is not able to empty completely and hence may cause the need to urinate frequently. Also in the 1st trimester the uterus presses against your bladder which also causes frequent urination.

In the second trimester your uterus will move into the abdominal cavity thus pressing against your bladder.  The urge to urinate often in Pregnancy will continue as and how the trimesters proceed, the baby grows and gets ready to come into this world.

Some women face Urinary Incontinence in their third trimesters. This generally happens when your bladder is too full and you haven’t emptied it. The signs to watch out for are that you may pass some urine say while laughing too hard or coughing. Try emptying your bladder from time to time to prevent this from happening.

There are a few things you could do to help the situation

1)      Lesser liquid intake before going to bed: A few hours before going to bed you could look at consuming less fluids so thaty your sleep is not disrupted often due to the urge to urinate.

2)      Drink plenty fluids in general: Ensure that you drink plenty of fluids as this will help you keep free from urinary infections.

If you do notice a burning sensation when you urinate or if your urine appears a little red in colour, consult your doctor at once as it could be a sign of Urinary Tract Infection.

Day 66, Backache and Pregnancy

Most pregnant moms complain of back ache during pregnancy. Its almost a given that if you are pregnant, you will experience back ache at some time or the other in the nine months. If moms complain they are told that this is a normal part and parcel of pregnancy and they should just bear it. But is that really how it is supposed to be ? As a woman is my body supposed to bear all these discomforts while having a baby ? Let us first try and understand why back ache happens during pregnancy.

The uterus in its non-pregnant state is very small, almost the size of your fist and is situated deep in your pelvic cavity. As pregnancy progresses the uterus grows in size and weight and slowly extends beyond the pelvic cavity to occupy the entire abdomen area.

Some women complain of back ache during the first trimester. The reason behind this that as the uterus starts expanding there is pressure on the ligaments which hold the uterus in place. These ligaments are also attached to the pelvis and hence this can cause discomfort in the back. For women planning a pregnancy, it is highly advisable to engage in some back and core strengthening routines in the pre-conception phase.

As pregnancy progresses and the uterus gains in size and shape, there is a shift in the centre of gravity which causes the curve of the back to increase. This naturally causes additional pressure and results in discomfort in the back.

Another pregnancy change which contributes to the back ache during pregnancy is the change in the size of the breasts. This is generally something which most pregnant moms will ignore. Here is what happens; The breast increases in weight and this causes the shoulders to droop forward. Most pregnant women by the third trimester have a deep arch in the lower back due to the growing uterus and shoulders drooping forward due to the growing breasts. Both these physiological changes can be managed by a simple posture correction. Just follow these simple steps.

1. Stand sideways in front of a mirror, such that you can observe yourself full length at a side angle.

2. Make sure that when you stand, your feet are placed firmly on the ground with a 6 inch gap between them.

3. Next push your chest out and push your shoulders back.

If you are sitting, especially for long hours at work then follow these simple steps to correct your sitting posture;

1. Sit comfortably on the chair seat such that your buttocks are touching the back of the chair.

2. Your feet should reach the floor and be flat.

3. Your thigh should be at a slight angle to the floor. Which means that the knee should be inclined downwards.

4. Always tuck a small pillow in the small of your back for support – especially when sitting in office, in the car or watching television.

Gentle back exercises will help to strengthen your back but these should be done under supervision and only after getting permission from your doctor.

Just remember, even though physiological changes during pregnancy can make a pregnant mom more prone to back discomfort, it is something which can be easily managed with the right care and attention.

Day 67, Travelling during Pregnancy


I cannot travel at all during Pregnancy.


I can’t travel by air during pregnancy


Most people believe that once our pregnant travelling should be limited. There is also a lot of myth that surrounds air travel as well. In our day to day lives we need to travel to get work or other tasks completed. We cannot sit at home all the time. We do have to travel. Possibly to work, to the market, for an outing or even for a holiday. You are pregnant and hence it may be wise to choose a mode of transport that is not very jarring, which means that avoid two and three wheelers during pregnancy as far as possible. You do not want to feel uncomfortable with the bumps and road irregularities and sudden breaks. For road transport use cars and buses, Trains are safe as well and of course you can take a flight too. Most airlines will ask you to carry a Fit to Fly letter from your doctor if you have crossed week 28 of your pregnancy. When on the flight make sure you drink plenty of fluids, move around frequently, perform stretching exercises on your seat and carry some home cooked snacks so that you do not have to rely completely on airline food.

Day 69, Nutrition in the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy

If you are a soon to be mommy , are in your 1st trimester of you pregnancy and  worried about what must you be eating, how much of it and how many times, you have come to the right place.

In the first trimester of your pregnancy your baby is really tiny and your nutritional needs do not increase. So continue eating all the healthy foods that you have been eating till date just like prior to pregnancy.

The concept of nutrition in the first trimester has to be as follows:

Eat healthy

Eat normal

Eat fresh

Eat seasonal

Don’t try to increase your portion sizes.

Don’t stress if you can’t eat certain foods as long as the rest of what you are eating is healthy

Eat small meals

Eat frequently

If you do need to eat out then make sure you eat hot cooked food

Try and follow a balanced diet and ensure that you get all the various food groups thru the day.

Here is a guide that you can follow to ensure you follow a balanced diet through the course of your pregnancy


Most food items are safe for a pregnant mom to consume. However there is a short list which must be avoided – Uncooked eggs which can appear in various desserts, Soft cheeses, Unpasteurized Milk or Milk products, Sea food with shells, Raw fish, Tuna, Mackerel, Sword Fish, Shark Fish, Processed meat and excessive amounts of caffeine. Caffeine can sneak into not only tea and coffee but aerated drinks as well.

If you are not able to eat everything but can still hold some food that’s ok too since at this time the baby is feeding off the mother. Your body has enough store of nutrients to ensure that the baby is nourished even if you are currently not able to eat too much.

Day 70, If the Girl’s mother knows she’s in Labor, it is Bad Luck


If the girl’s mother knows that her daughter is in labor then it is bad luck


This statement is totally untrue. Labour and contractions are nature’s way of starting the actual process of childbirth. Every human pregnant female body goes through this process and at the end of it there is wonderful small life that enters the world spreading immense joy and happiness. During the process or labour and delivery, the mum and baby’s well being is top priority for the doctor conducting the procedure and he/she will take necessary actions to ensure that both the mum and baby are stable and doing well. There is no correlation with bad luck, if the to be grandmother’s knows that her daughter has gone into labour. Infact it is a happy phase for the grandparents to be and such a myth should not take away from their moment of happiness. A mother would always want her daughter to be safe and happy wherever she is in the world and her blessings would only further add to a smooth process of labour and delivery