Braxton Hicks Contractions


Pre contractions– This is popularly also known as Braxton – hicks contractions or fake contractions. Pregnant Mums usually experience this post week 28 of their Pregnancy.

What causes it?

They say Practice makes man Prefect J These Pre contractions is a manner in which the uterus exercises and prepares for birth. If they are short, painless and sporadic then that’s normal. Some women may even ignore them and not realise that they are experiencing these contractions.

How can one tell whether it’s real labour or not?

Braxton Hicks contractions usually last from 15-20 seconds and stop. Real contractions lasts much longer anywhere between 30 -60 seconds and keep getting longer, more intense and painful  each time which is a sign telling you that you are going to be ready to give birth soon. The Pre contractions also stop usually when you have a change in your current activity. (For eg: when you stand if you are in a seated position), whereas real labour pains do not subside even if you change positions

Call your doctor!

If you feel that the contractions are increasing in intensity and if you experience lower back pain, bloody vaginal discharge, please call your doctor immediately in order to understand if it’s a premature term labour.

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